Review: Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Film Type

I love my Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumescara (review >>here<<) and it is one of my favourite mascaras for everyday use. Nevertheless, I want to try other mascaras, too, especially since there is a wide range of Japanese mascaras which have a good reputation. Fairydrops is one of these brands I was especially curious about. The Platinum Mascara was receiving lots of good reviews, so it was my first choice in the end. And I don’t regret that decision :)

This mascara is a film type fiber mascara, which is supposed to volume and curl your lashes and make them look longer on top. This sounds like everything one needs when looking for a good mascara. The mascara and its packaging are really pretty. The colors of both of them are mainly golden, with black symbols/ornaments all over. I really do like the packaging.

I read that the main ingredients of the mascara are moisturizing, which is great. Unfortunately the product description and the ingredients are only written in Japanese, so I couldn’t translate them. :/
The wand of this mascara is curved and consists of three rounded parts. This helps to catch all the lashes, even the smaller ones.
The effect of the mascara is clearly visible in the pictures below. My lashes are curved and look longer and denser at the same time.

I love this mascara as much as I love the one from Etude House. Its also super easy to remove because it is a film-type mascara. I’m completely happy! The only downside is, that it is quite expansive. I bought mine at AdamBeauty for around 18 US$, but the price can go up to 25 US$ depending on were you order.





23 thoughts on “Review: Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Film Type”

  1. I have not had any luck with fiber mascaras at all. They leave my lashes looking spidery and dull, but this is pretty glossy and bright. Nice effect!

    Did you have any problems with the fibers?

    1. I didn’t have problems with the fibers at all. It’s also really glossy after applied, but you have to be careful not to aplly to much :D This is really a nice mascara, you should give it a try. Thanks for commenting ♥

    1. I think that the wand is really unique. Hahaha, I know the urge of buying some new things as soon as you see good new reviews :D I was pretty undecideful, too Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. Ohh, cute new rating scale!

    I tried one of the waterproof mascaras by this brand. I’d heard great things about them, but it really didn’t wow me. I’d love to try one of the other formulas, but with the price on the Etude one lower, I’m not sure I’ll take the risk.

    1. I agree about the price. And the Etude House Mascara is really good! But this one is a nice mascara, too, and it has a unique wand. Which one did you try? thanks for commenting ♥

  3. It looks like it did a good job, although I’d prefer a bit more definition! Do check out kiss me heroine long & curl mascara, it’s the best I’ve come across in japanese brands and it’s super waterproof too!

    1. The Kiss Me Heroine Mascara is the next mascara I would love to try. I have their liquid eyeliner pencil and I love it. And the packaging is georgeous, too! Thanks for the suggestion! ♥

  4. It looks like a great mascara! I have never tried a Japanese brand mascara or makeup product for that matter! I need to correct this so I can share with my blogs readers/subscribers also! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Japanese Products are really nice, too. I will review some more in future because I bought a couple of japanese products recently. You should give them a try, too! thanks for reading ♥

    1. I have the same problem with BB/CC creams. I have so many, that I don’t dare to buy new ones. But I’ve reduced my mascaras to three. which is pretty good :D Thanks for reading! ♥

    1. Yes, it does hold the curl. When I start wearing it in the morning, my lashes are still curled in the evening. Not the same intense way of course, but visible enough :)

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