Review: Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

17. September 2014

Here is my second review I wrote for Beautifan, which is about Etude House Dust Cust Finish Cream (click >>here<< to see it). You can find my first review about Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint there, too. Beautifan is a review blog by the online shop ibuybeauti. Some of you might know that store already, so you will be surprised because they changed their online shop design completelly and they reduced prices and changed the shipping, too. I’d be happy if you check out Beautifan, too, and feel free to leave a comment there :)

Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

Etude House is one of the best known Korean brands for cute packaging. If you are a lover of cute, girly and pink packaging, reminding you of being a child and the princess you always dreamt to be, THIS is your brand. Their packaging is usually so adoreable that you cannot keep yourself from impuls-buys – only because you saw the packaging…Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream is part of the Dust Cut Line which was released in spring 2014 by Etude House. This line is designed in order to prevent the sensitive skin after winter time from spring time pollution. The Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream is supposed to build a shield on your skin and prevent your skin from harmful particles. The Dust Cut line is not pink, nevertheless the pale blue or mint packaging looks adorable. The packaging design is simple, but it looks nice nevertheless. The description on the cardboard box is in English and Korean.

Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

You can check the ingredients list of the cream on COSDNA here. Most of the ingredients are green flagged and the cream contains a couple of plant extracts, too, which have astringent, anti-inflammatory or moisturizing properties. The Dust Cut Finish Cream has three main tasks it has to fulfill: 1. Soothing, 2. Cleansing and 3. Protecting. That means it protects your skin from harmful ingredients like fine dust and other contamination. Additionally, it acts soothing and cleaning by use of natural hypoallergenic ingredients. Last but not least, this cream is 5-free, which means it doesn’t contain mineral oil, sulfates, triethanolamine, artificial pigment, and parabens.

Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

The Dust Cut Finish Cream comes in a tube with the same design as the cardboard box. It has a silver cap and contains 65 g of product, so it will last quite some time. the bachside of the tube has some Korean description on it, too.

Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

As you can see below, the opening of the tube was closed by aluminium foil, so that the product is closed tightly until the first use of the buyer.

Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

It is a standard tube opening, nothing special about it. The tube can stand on the cap, which I personally prefer to those tubes with a small cap, so you have to lie them down :)

Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

The Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream has a fresh floral scent and has a light consistency. It has a white color, but when spread it feels like it turns to water, moist and refreshing. It is not sticky at all, but leaves the skin with a nice glow. Below is the swatch on the back of my hand:

Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

Etude House advertises this Finish Cream to have a cleansing effect and protect your skin from particles. I didn’t understand first how exactly this should work, but I made the following test: I used some different make up on my arm like BB cream, mascara, lip liner and eyeliner. The right part of my arm was prepared beforehand with the Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream, whereas on the left part the makeup was directly applied on my skin. Then I used tepid water and washed my arm. Below you can see the result and it is amazing!

Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

As you can see the right part of my arm is cleaned off- only by using water! The left part shows still the traces of the makeup I used. As you can see, this product really helps you to cleanse off easily the products you applied on your skin. I really started to incooperate this into my skincare rooutine and I use it on top of my daily moisturizer because of my dry skin. For oily skin, this might be already enough moisture and you won’t need to apply another cream below. You can use this not only for daytime, but for nighttime, too, which makes the cleansing in the morning with water only or a light cleanser even more easy! Totally love this cream ♥ You can buy Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream at ibuybeauty for US$11.50. Since the tube contains a lot of product, the price is adequate in my eyes. It will last you quite some time. Shipping on ibuybeauti depends on weight. They changed it just recently, but reduced the product prices in order to balance it. I think this is a good idea. I’d be happy if you check out my two posts on Beautifan, too:

Etude House Dust cut Finish Cream

Aritaum Worls Glam Coating Tint


Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Lili 17. September 2014 at 17:33

    OMG this is exactly what I need in Taipei! The air and humidity is DISGUSTING. And to think its nothing compared to other Asian cities o_O

    I’m running to Etude on Friday and buying this. They also have great membership perks, so…. Ex-ciiiiteeeddddd, yes!

    I just picked up the Cotton Fit BB creme and I LOVE it. Hopefully the shop here will have this and if not, I’ll ask to order it.

    Thanks for the recommendation!
    Lili last post…Nighttime Routine:My Profile

  • Mischa 18. September 2014 at 6:49

    I’ve been eyeing this product since it came out. I’m so glad that you are reviewing it! Will definitely check this out!
    Mischa last post…The MissionMy Profile

  • Kine 18. September 2014 at 11:57

    Dust cut is a very interesting name! Now I understand why it is called that. Thanks for showing us that swatch test- I would have never thought of trying it!
    Kine last post…Hyuna Red Makeup Look!My Profile

  • Sakuranko 18. September 2014 at 19:30

    Oh looks like an excellent product!
    Sakuranko last post…Dress V Mermaid Tail Wedding DressesMy Profile

  • Rini 21. September 2014 at 14:54

    Wow I didn’t know that this product has some nice feature. Now I know what’s the function and I might want to try it.
    Thank you for the review, Fraulein ^^
    Rini last post…Birthday Giveaway ft. Etude RecipeMy Profile

  • Bethany 22. September 2014 at 14:18

    One of those products that you never realise you need until you try it. Ahaha.
    Bethany last post…Manicure Monday: Lie to Me NailsMy Profile