Review: Ddung Liquid Eyeliner

Thanks to the times that MeMeBox was shipping internationally I have a huge box of still unopened and unused Korean beauty products I didn’t have a chance to try yet. But as time goes by and there is no other beauty box I’m intrigued by I’m starting to go through the single products. This one is the Ddung Liquid Eyeliner:

Ddung Liquid Eyeliner

I didn’t know the Korean brand Ddung before, but I received two products from this brand, which is this eyeliner and a foam cleanser (I didn’t try the foam cleanser yet). Apparently, Ddung is a toy brand selling dolls. If you search google you’ll find some of these dolls. I didn’t find any information about their cosmetic products. Looking at the packaging design the brand is targeting young females, because the packaging displays the images of the Ddung dolls and contains pink colors, too. Below you see the cardboard packaging for the Ddung Liquid Eyeliner:

Ddung Liquid Eyeliner

The description are in Korean only, but product description crad from MeMeBox says that the formula of this liquid eyeliner is supposed to offer “defined, feminine eyes with a long-lasting, waterproof and non-smudging wear”. The Ddung Liquid Eyeliner comes in the typical short liquid eyeliner tube. The colors are black and pink, like the cardboard packaging, and show the illustration of the Ddung doll.

Ddung Liquid Eyeliner

The backside contains a short information about where this is made. The ddung liquid eyeliner contains 5 ml product.

Ddung Liquid Eyeliner

The lid of the container has a thin brush attached. Depending on the pressure you put on the brush you can create thin or thicker lines, like drawing with water colors ;) For beginners this might be difficult first, but you can get used to it quickly.

Ddung Liquid Eyeliner

The color of this eyeliner is black and the color can be intensified when applying several layers. Nevertheless you have to be carefull because you might accidentially remove the previous layer. Once the liquid eyeliner is dried it is rubb-proof to an extend. If you rubb for a longer time you will slowly peel off the eyeliner. Water and a bit of rubbing removes it completelly.

Ddung Liquid Eyeliner

The Ddung Liquid Eyeliner is a solid liquid eyeliner with a girly packaging. The black color is nice, too and is not too pale like with some other eyeliners. Nevertheless its claims to be waterproof are false. It is very easy to remove it with water and a bit of rubbing. Moreover, a liquid eyeliner like this might be difficult for beginners. I would advise to use pencil eyeliners or liquid pen eyeliners instead. The price for the Ddung Liquid Eyeliner is 12 US$ according to MeMeBox, but I didn’t find it anywhere else to confirm the price. Did anyone try products from the brand Ddung? OrR are there any collectors of these dolls around?


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  1. the packaging is so cute!!! i love it. the colour is perfect. shame about the price. is so expensive D:

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