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Review: Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione

11. November 2015

I’m a huge fan of products with waterdrop texture and I must confess that this was also the main reason why I bought the Delight 18 I.U Whiteining Cream Glutathione. Of course, the cute packaging and the fact that I didn’t try any product from this brand before were also some arguments, but mainly it was the fact that this product forms tiny water droplets while rubbing it into the skin. I had tried products like this before and I always loved the watery feeling. Other examples of products with waterdrop texture are the Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Mask and the Amaranth Messaline Ultra Hydrating Cream.

Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione

It seems Delight 18 is a new Korean brand and I’m really happy that Wishtrend introduced this brand in their shop. At the moment they offer 7 different products from this brand, but on the official page you will also spott a most adoreable cushion and some other products…I hope Wishtrend will have the cushion available soon. The Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione is a functional cream with whitening properties for the face. I.U stands for innocent (pure) and unison (harmony). 

Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione

Although the packaging design is simple I really like it and think that it will be attracting many people mainly because of the packaging. The basic colors used are black, white and red. Somehow this design reminds me also of the Tonymoly Shaking Tint Delight …is it a coincidence that both of the have the word “Delight” in their names?! The description on the packaging of the Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione is in Korean only, but you will find the English description on Wishtrend.

Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione

The two main functions of the Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione is to whiten and to moisturize the face. The key ingredient for whitening is Glutathione, a tripeptide formed from the three amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid. It works as a major antioxidative and usually in our bodies prevents us from oxidative damage. It is also used as a whitener because of its ability to to inhibit the melanin synthesis. All the ingredients used in the Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione are listed on >>COSDNA here<< and you will see that the list of ingredients is quite short and positive. You will also find titanium dioxide for brightening and UV protection and also niacinamide. Nevertheless, I would still use a sunscreen, like with any other functional BB/CC cream.

Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione

Apart from the moisturizing ingredients in the formula the main key to give a feeling of hydration is the waterdrop-forming formula. Below you will see how the white thick Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione starts to form the tiny droplets by rubbing it into the skin. Because of this watery formula the product seems to glide over and into the skin and feels really refreshing. The scent is a clean, creamy scent, which is lingering on the skin. I do like it, because it is such a clean scent. By the way, don’t put too much cream on your face at once. Because of the formula it is better to apply little by little and rub it into the skin until absorbed before adding more. Oh, and the cream comes in a pump bottle, too, which makes it super easy to use and is more hygienic than a jar (the inside bottom moves up the more you use and if you look closely in the pictures you can see that I have used 1/5 of the total volume of 30g).

Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione

When applying the cream it will directly brighten up your complexion. The skin looks brighter and also less dull. Also, it corrects the skintone and makes your complexion look more even. It is also not sticky, nor dioes it have a greasy finish. The finish of the cream on its own is skin-like and neither glowy, nor satin-like. If you apply hydrating ampoules and creams underneath the Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione will keep the glow these products give you.

Delight 18 I.U Whitening Cream Glutathione

My verdict for the Delight 18 I.U Whiteining Cream Glutathione is really positive! I’ve been using this on my no-make-up days and I can just use it like this as a substitute for any BB cream or CC cream. If I want more coverage I still prefer using a BB cream or foundation, but for lazy days and an okay or good skin condition this is absolutelly perfect. It brightens up the skin and makes you appear more awake and healthy. I would definitively prefer this over any CC cream with low coverage, especially because of the hydrating water drop formula, which feels super nice on the skin. After being so positive about the Delight 18 I.U Whiteining Cream Glutathione I would love to try out other products from this brand! If you are interested in trying the Delight 18 I.U Whiteining Cream Glutathione you can get it from Wishtrend for 23.50 US$. You can check out my posts on the monthly Wishtrend coupons in order to get some extra benefits when shopping on Wishtrend. Also keep in mind their friend-referral program: You can receive a 5 Us$ referral coupon if you use my invitation code 17939205 upon registration and you’ll receive this voucher immediately.There will be a specific field in your registration form called “friends invitation program” where you can put the code mentioned above. This way new customers can safe 5 US$ which is a great possibility to safe some money.

Did you try the products from the brand Delight 18 already? What are your impressions?

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  • Joan 11. November 2015 at 17:45

    This looks absolutely amazing on you! I was interested in the brand name. And wow, your skin is so even toned. At first I thought it was named after the singer I.U. :*D

  • Evelyn 11. November 2015 at 17:57

    Oh! It’s quite interesting! I was very curious about this product, but didn’t see any review before.
    It seems gluthathione it’s a common ingredient for whitening products in Thailand, maybe it’s more effective than niacinamide.
    Thank you for the review!

  • misslovelyattitude 16. November 2015 at 15:37

    das sieht wirklich gut aus auf der haut :)

  • Donah @ SJB 19. November 2015 at 20:44

    Wow, I absolutely love the finish of this product. You have such beautiful skin by the way. I love that this highlights your complexion beautifully!