Review: Beyond The God Of Patches Bye Bye Smile Lines and Panda Eyes

A while ago I wrote a review to one of Beyond The God Of Patches sheet masks (click >>here<<). I’m absolutely in love with the design of these ♥ I will review the other two masks today, which are Beyond The God Of Patches Bye Bye Smile Lines and Beyond The God Of Patches Bye Bye Panda Eyes. These masks are from the Korean brand Beyond which is part of LG Household & Health Care.
Beyond The God Of Patches
These two masks have such cute and adorable illustrations and packaging design and even the instructions are accompanied with cute illustrations! First I will show you the Bye Bye Panda Eye Patches: When you open the cardboard envelops you will find the sachets containing the eyepatches.
The patches are packed separately in a plastic packaging sachet. Isn’t it cute?
  Beyond The God Of Patches
I never used that kind of gel patches before. But the instruction is pretty easy to understand. The patches are formed like the line below your eyes. You have to remove a plastic sheet before using it and then you can dispatch the gel sheet on your skin according to the cutest illustrations on the cardboard enevlope.
Since this is a gel patch it has an instant cooling effect. The scent is like the previous sheet mask I reviewed and very pleasant and calming and reminds me of Laneige’s Sleeping Pack. Since I used these patches only one time I cannot say anything about their whitening effect. After one use I didn’t see any changes in my dark circles, but my eyes looked definitively less hollow and more supple than before. I recognised the effect instantly in front of the mirror. It does a great job in moisturizing and cooling which helped to achieve this effect for sure.
The second mask is called Bye Bye Smile Lines and it is designed for the lines around your mouth. The shape of these patches again is perfectly made for this area and the instruction is pretty straight forward due to the illustrations ♥
Beyond The God Of Patches
The packaging is similar to the previous one and inside the cardboard envelope you will find the sachet with the patches.
Beyond The God Of Patches
 The patches are again packed separately and protected by a plastic foil.
Beyond The God Of Patches
These patches had the same scent like the other ones and it was the same pleasant and non-disturbing scent. The skin feels pretty good moisturized and the skin looks refreshed and supple.
Below you can see how the gel patches look like after I’ve used them. Pretty much all of the moisture is already gone, my skin seems to be thirsty XD.
Beyond The God Of Patches

I’m absolutely happy with these gel patches for the under-eye area and the smile lines. Of course the cute packaging was the main reason to buy these but the results were also satistfying in terms of moisturization and cooling. I felt pampered and enjoyed the experience of using the patches and I would repurchase them any time. I bought these at for 2500 Won which is around US$ 2.50. Shipping depends on the weight of the goods you buy. The patches are also available on amazon for 5 US$ or in larger quantities on ebay  

Rating for both masks:
Beyond The God Of Patches

18 thoughts on “Review: Beyond The God Of Patches Bye Bye Smile Lines and Panda Eyes”

  1. Haven’t tried anything from Beyond yet. This is so cute and seems like it works well too!
    I’ve seen lipsticks from Beyond last year and the bullet is so cute as well. *-*

  2. The panda bear one is so cute~ I wonder how the your eyes would use after continual use of these patches. Maybe then it would have a whitening effect? xoxox

    1. I don’t know actually. Normally such whitening effects are only temporary, even if it works. But you coulkd try and see how it is if you use them regularly. I’d be curious to know :) Thanks for commenting ♥

  3. I think it’s the type of thing you’d have to use quite a few times to work out if they actually improve those areas. They probably don’t, other than moisturising them, but they sure are cute. *w*

    1. Yes, I think so, too. But for the temporay effect it was enough to use them once (except for brightening panda eyes-where I still believe that this is not possible at all). I think this effect takes place, not because of moisturizing properties, but also ,since they are gel patches, because they are cooling…and cooling effects are great for these effects. :D Thanks for commenting ♥

  4. The packaging is so adorable ^^ I need to get some eye patches or at least an eye cream because of the my lack of sleep these days. I’ll have to try them some time. Thanks for the review Fraulein! :)

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