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A while ago I read a blog post on Sweet Jelly Bean’s blog about a lip crayon from Belleme Cosmetics and I was so in love with the color that I really wanted to buy it. So, I went to Abbamart’s web store, where they sell Belleme Cosmetics and I was really tempted by all the lip products on their page. Unfortunately, their shipping costs for outside US and Canada were to expensive if you only want to buy one or two products and I left the web store at the end. Some time later I was browsing through and I discovered, that they put some Belleme Cosmetics into their web store, which made me freak out a tiny bit and I ended up ordering Belleme Cosmetics Not the same Tint in Cherry Bomb – for the first XD. Keep reading, if you want to hear more about it!:)

Belleme Cosmetics Not the same Tint is a liquid lip tint which you can apply either on your cheeks or on your lips. You can create a gradient effect on you lips, too, if you want.

The product description taken from Abbamart’s web store says:

* Not The Same Tint in Cherry Bomb is a fruity, juicy cherry color stain for lips and cheeks

* Intense color is easy to blend and lasts for hours with just one application

* For lips, use the application tip to firmly press tint to the middle of lips, then quickly feather out with your fingertips for a lively bloom of color

* For cheeks, apply a single swipe across your cheekbone then quickly work in the color with your fingers

* Infuses a deep base color to your lips – top off with clear gloss or lip balm to add extra shine!

3.2 ml/ .11 oz

Ingredients: WATER Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer GLYCERIN PENTYLENE GLYCOL ALCOHOL PHENOXYETHANOL RED 227 (CI 17200) Betaine TREHALOSE PARFUM RED 40 (CI 16035)

The bottle consists of a clear bottom part containing the stint, and a cap with the applicator attached. The design of the bottle is simple, but nevertheless it has added some cuteness by the little illustration on the backside.
The color of the lip tint is a cherry red, which fits to the name of the product. The scent of it, nevertheless, isn’t the same like cherry or artificial cherry scent- luckily, because I really don’t like these artificial cherry scents- I was thinking of ripe strawberries rather…but perhaps my notion of scents is wrong XD
My first lip tint I used and I’m still using every since is benefit’s benetint. A lot of people already know it, that’s why I thought I might compare Belleme’s lip tint with it, to give you an idea abou this lip tint.
As you can see, benetints color is different than this one. Belleme’s lip tint is a cherry red color, whereas Benetint is a brighter red. The consistency of the two tints is different, too. Benetint is more watery, it may feel drying on the lips. Belleme’s tint is a bit thicker, also the color is more pigmented when applied first and it feels smoother on the lips. Both tints are water resistent to a degree. They both leave a color stain on my hand after washing with water (bottom right image above). But I must admit, that Benetint’s stain stayed on my hands even after taking a shower, although the color was bleached nearly completely. Belleme’s tint was not visible anymore, after taking a shower.
The downside of most tints seem to be the bitter taste and the fact that they are feathering and don’t leave you with clear borders in the worst case. Here: The taste of both lipsticks is not the nicest, but actually, I personally don’t care. The feathering effect is a point that I have to mention, though. Benetint has this problem, you can see on the left bottom picture above, how much it feathers. Belleme’s tint feathers, too, but the effect is not as drastic as with benetint.
Considering all these points, I would say, that Belleme Cosmetics Not the same Tint is on the same level as Benefit’s Benetint. It really depends, what type of color you like. If you want a more natural reddish shade on your lips, I would go for Benetint, if you prefer a more pigmented cherry red, you should go for Belleme’s Not the same Tint. Below, you’ll see how the tint looks on my lips when fully applied. It really gives a nice color and doesn’t have the heavy feeling of lipsticks or lip gloss.
You can by this tint (and other nice products) on Abbamart. The bottle contains 3.2 ml product and costs US$ 8.00. They have also some discounts at the moment, since it is the black friday weekend, and you can get off 30% of Belleme Cosmetics. If you live outside US and Canada and don’t want to make a bulk order to get rid of the shipping costs, you can have a look at They have some of the products as well. Their shipping costs depend on weight.

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  1. This looks really nice :D I think it’s a good dupe for the benefit one. The color reminds me a bit of the Tony Moly liptint :D I will check this liptint on out because high shipping costs are so annoying haha. Thanks for all your lovely reviews :3 I noticed that you buy many lip products recently ehhe :3

    1. Oh yes, I don’t want to pile up any more BB cremes but use them first, so I started buying lipsticks and stuff instead XD you never can have enough lip products, hahaha…But I’ll try to make some cleanser and cream reviews in the next time, too :D

    1. Thanks a lot. I planned to change the blog design for a long time, but I never found the time, but it started to get to crowded and at last I had to do something, haha. Thanks for reading ♥

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