Review: Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Crayon and Perfect Stay Nail Polish

I was looking for this kind of rose pink color for some time now and finally I found it: Astor’s Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Crayon in “Flirt Natural” and Perfect Stay Nail Polish in “Retro Beige”. And these two products are a perfect color match, too. I’m so happy I’ve found them finally and these are the products I use almost daily at the moment. Keep on reading, if you want to know more ♥

Astor has a new range of lip crayons at the moment called Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Ultra Vibrant, providing 4 new shades. Although normally I would buy a classic red shade, this time I grabbed the more natural color called “Flirt Natural”, a rosy and vintage-kind pink color. I’m a huge fan of lip crayons in general, because they are so easy to use and they are normally a mixture of lipbalm and lipstick. This one is no exception. It gives the right amount of color and is moisturizing, too.

The packaging is nothing special and typical for a lip crayon. It has a twisting mechanism to wind up the lip crayon. The package says, that this product should give your lips color, treat your lips like lip balm and give them a nice shine on the same time. Seems to be a great deal :)

So, here we come to the exiting part: how does it look swatched and how does it look on the lips. You can see the result below:

Although my lips are naturally pigmented, you can see the color on my lips. It doesn’t feel drying or look awkward at all. The color is buildable, too. If you only use one stroke it is just barely coloring. On my hand you see like two strokes.
The next product is the nail polish in “Retro Beige”. The bottle contains 12 ml and doesn’t have any special design at all.

The brush has a good length and the nail polish itself has a good consistency, too. It is neither too liquid, nor too thick.

Below you can see the nail polish with one layer on my nails. the color gets more intense with two layers and looks exactly like the color you see in the bottle.

Comparing the two colors of the products above on a piece of paper you can see the perfect match they’ve created.
I’m completelly happy with both products and I’m thinking of buying more colors from this line. The prices for the lip crayon is 6.99 €. The nail polish costs 5.99 €.
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16 thoughts on “Review: Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Crayon and Perfect Stay Nail Polish”

  1. i haven’t found out lip crayon that I really like..
    this one looks really similar with revlon lip crayon packaging :O
    and it’s good to see you in pink lips sometimes, Fraulein ^^

    1. Haha, yes, I don’t often wear pink lips, but sometimes I’m in the mood…perhaps it is the hope for having spring here soon XD I think there are quite some good crayons on the market at the moment. I’ve wanted to try the revlon lip crayons, but they are not available here. I liked also Miss Hana’s Lip crayon a lot, which I reviewed some time ago, I only didn’t like the pale pink color to much on my lips.
      Thanks for commenting, Rini ♥

  2. Die Lipcolors finde ich okay, bin jetzt nicht so angetan davon wie andere. Aber die Nagellacke von Astor sind erstaunlicherweise sehr gut. Ich finde den Pinsel super und auch der Lack selbst lässt sich super auftragen. Nur schade dass die Auswahl etwas “langweilig” ist und man dann doch eher daran vorbei läuft :(

    1. Oh ja, die Nagellacke von Astor fand ich bisher auch immer super. aber was die Farbauswahl angeht hast du Recht. Es ist eben eine sehr klassische Marke, die auch ältere Frauen ansprechen soll.

  3. The nail polish and lip crayon are a perfect match! And the lip crayon looks really moisturizing ^^ I really like the color, it looks really pretty on you. I’ve never heard of Astor before but I’ll have to check this brand out sometime :)

    1. I don’t know if they are popular elsewhere, but in Germany they are available in every drug store branch. I was really surprised how much I liked those two products, because normally I don’t buy too much locally cosmetics anymore. Thanks for commenting dear♥

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