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6. March 2013
Some years ago I was starting to search for a foundation that would match my skincolor the best. After trying various different drugstore foundation here in Germany and getting more and more frustrated about the lack of a matching color, I stumbled over an article about BB creams on the asian market. This was exactly the time I started to get attracted to asian cosmetic products. I was really keen to read every review and watched loads of videos about it…then I finally ordered my first BB cream and fell in love ♥
This is how it started, and after having read so many reviews and gathered and tried so many different kinds of asian cosmetics, I thought I should start reviewing cosmetics by myself and help some of you that are in the same situation I was before. I know that there are really lots of good blogs and bloggers doing the same, but I think it can help additionally and make your decision easier the more reviews you read :)
On my blog here I will present you cosmetic reviews (not only asian cosmetics but everything I know) and share my experience with you. I might also write something about other stuff I like and/or bought…we’ll see were it leads.


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