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Review: Shara Shara Real Sauce Lemon Sheet Mask

27. November 2014


It is time for another sheet mask review again. Let’s take a look at Shara Shara’s Real Sauce Lemon Sheet Mask, which I received with my MeMeBox Nakedbox. The box contained three masks from it, so I could test it out a couple of times, too, which is a nice in order to see its effect.

Shara Shara Real Sauce Lemon Sheet Mask

Shara Shara is kind of a newer brand compared to Etude House or Missha etc. It attracts the attation mainly by a very girly and cute packaging design, using bright colors and illustrations. The subtitle of their official page is “the romantic lounge for ladies”. You’ll find a lot of doll faces and comic figures on their products, too. The Shara Shara Real Sauce sheet mask is available in 11 different forms and the lemon sheet mask is one of these. The design of the masks is pretty cute and colorful and I really like it. It displays a lemon on the front, so you directly know the main ingredient of this mask just by looking.

Shara Shara Real Sauce Lemon Sheet Mask

The backside of the sachets contains the description of the mask written in Korean. The ingredients are written in English, too. You can find the ingredients listed on COSDNA >>here <<. Most of them are green or yellow flagged. There is one red flagged ingredient which is Triethanol Amine, which is a pH Adjuster. On the other hand, it contains quite some good moisturizing ingredients like hyaloronic acid and glycerin.

Shara Shara Real Sauce Lemon Sheet Mask

It is a cotton sheet mask, so the material of the mask is soft and feels nice on the skin. The sheet is super soaked in the essence. I could say that it is almost dripping. You can definitively use the excess essence on your arms and neck etc. It was a bit difficult to unfold the mask though, because there is no plastic separator to make it easier. Apart from this the application was pretty much normal. The mask contains lemon essence, which means it is supposed to be vitalizing and refreshing. It is said that it controls oil and provides moisture on the same time. I can not tell anything about the oil controll, because my skin is quite dry at the moment, but I could see the moisturizing effect. My skin felt hydrated and soft and I can say that I was pleased about the effect. The scent is pretty strong in my opinion, and it smells like citrus/lemon scent is supposed to be. Citrus scents are not my favourite, unless they smell like the real fruit like the Beautiful AM Moisturizer facial oil or the Illi Fresh Moisture Bodylotion. Here the scent reminded me to much of artificial lemon scent, which I didn’t like personally too much, but that is again a matter of preference :) All in all the mask did a good job, like you expect from sheet masks: refreshing and moisturizing! 

Each sheet mask sachet contains 20 g and costs 3.66 US$ at W2Beauty.

Tell me who tried these Shara Shara Real Sauce masks already? Which is your favourite?

Blog_Rating_SharaSharaRealSauceLemonMask ♥ PS: Check out my post on Beautiful AM Moisturizer and PM Vitalizer. There is a giveaway for you, too :) ♥

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  • Sharlynn Ng 28. November 2014 at 6:09

    This sounds really really good! I’ve received a mask from them in a box and it was pretty damn great! I love lemon masks…they’re brightening!

  • Sakuranko 30. November 2014 at 1:29

    These looks like great masks drea, thank you for your detailed review.

  • clair downham 3. December 2014 at 11:19

    thankyou very much for such a good review these masks sound fab and i love the smell of lemons good for waking up to