Graveyard: November & December 2013 Empties

I was a bit lazy about these posts for the last two months, so here are my empties for November and December of last year:
Aok Pur Balance Seasand Peeling: Repurchase?Yes. Since my Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Foam was empty I needed something which new, and since I was looking around in local drugstore’s I saw this product, which I had 2-3 times before and since I liked it back then I decided to go for it again. I love the scent, but some may dislike it, because it smells of clay…I know, it is strange to like that kind of scent, however…
Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream: Repurchase?Yes. I didn’t expect I would like this cream that much, but this is really a nice cream. My skin looked so good after using it, especially since I mixed it with O.S.T Vitamin C Serum (review >>here<<). After trying Benton’s and Mizon’s cream, I will probably buy this one in full size (this was only a trial sized jar). The only thing I disliked was the scent, because it was basically scent free. For some of you this might be perfect though. I could live with this point nevertheless.
Super Aqua Marine Stem Cell Defending Cream. Repurchase? Yes. Okay, I have a lot of Day creams on my “repurchase” list, I know, but there is still so many to try. This one is one of the first moisturizers I bought which made me happy and which I rebought 3 times already. It simply does the things it claims to do and it is great for dry skin (review >>here<<). If you have super dry skin I would rather recommend you Missha’s Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream (review >>here<<).
Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Mango Pack. Repurchase? Yes. I reviewed it >>here<< and I loved it. I could imagine getting the tube version of this pack. This is a refreshing, fruity pack which makes the skin feel really soft and nourished.
Beyond Phytogenic Facial Foam. Repurchase? Not necessarily. This is a good product and the ingredients are good. The scent was herbal and although I normally don’t like herbal scents, I liked using it in the evening…Nevertheless there are probably other cleansing foams I would like to buy. See the review >>here<<.
The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel? Repurchase? Not necessarily. I love TBS products, and I enjoyed this one as well. It smells great and makes a nice foam. But since it is not my favourite scen I would rather go for another shower gel of TBS ;) That doesn’t mean that I was dissappointed about it.
Weleda Citrus Bodylotion: Repurchase?No. I didn’t like the scent. I was like bathroom cleaner.
Most of the other products I used were samples, or masks. So I didn’t keep them.
Hope you enjoyed reading.:)
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12 thoughts on “Graveyard: November & December 2013 Empties”

  1. Oh very nice products, I tried Missha Super Aqua and doesn´t wrk for my skin! In another point Eucerin Even Brighter day cream is excellent is one of the bes day cream to me.

  2. When I finish sth , I thought There are still many products to try and usually buying new things :)
    I don’t really repurchase item because of my growing curiousity to Asian beauty products ^.^

    1. There are products I repurchase. Although I’m also buying new stuff which I don’t know on the same time. But usually I turn back to the products I loved a lot. Thanks for your comment :)

  3. I haven’t tried any of these products but I would love to try the Nature republic Manga pack because I had an eye for this for a while already but never found a good review about it :< The eucerin cream sounds really good too but I bet it’s really expensive! T__T Thanks for sharing this :D


    1. Thanks for commenting Mindy ♥ Yes, the Mango Pack was really nice and I enjoyed using those fresh hawaiian packs. The eucerin cream was really good. A pitty it is so expensive though, I agree :/

    1. Yes, I had the feeling that most people trying Eucerin products don’t like it. But my skin looked so good during the time I used it. I think it is worth a try. Thanks for commenting!

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