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Floral Pleated White Skirt by Romwe

2. April 2016
Do you remember my Spring Fashion Wishlist I made some weeks ago? I absolutely fell in love with the key piece of my wishlist, the Floral Pleated White Skirt and now it is part of my wardrobe, that’s to Romwe.

Floral Pleated White Skirt by Romwe

Romwe is an online fashion retailer with the saying “from runway to realway”, selling fashionable clothes for affordable prices. They ship internationally, and you will find very unique fashion items there from time to time. I spotted this floral pleated skirt why I was looking for some spring fashion inspirations and it was love at first sight. The skirt is available in two colors: in green and in white, and both are simply beautiful and fit perfectly with springtime with their cherry blossom print.

Floral Pleated White Skirt by Romwe

In the past I never wore any white clothes but while getting older I much more appreciate the color especially for the warmer seasons. I think that soft colors and floral prints also make you look younger and remind you of childhood. The skirt is A-shaped and made of polyester, which is nicely sewn at the borders. The shiny material looks elegant, and I guess that the skirt can make a nice evening robe as well, combined with a blouse for example. The material has a soft touch and doesn’t feel like cheap material. Since it is a thicker cloth it holds the A-line shape nicely.

Floral Pleated White Skirt by Romwe

The Floral Pleated White Skirt retails for 19.79 US$ at Romwe, which is a good price for the quality. It is available in two different sizes, S and M, and since it is no stretching material you should check the measurements before you select your size. I bought size M and it is a perfect fit for me. You can check out my Spring Wishlist for some of my other fashion inspirations from Romwe.
How do you like this skirt? What are your favorite items to wear in spring?

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Floral Pleated White Skirt by Romwe

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  • Sooyoona 3. April 2016 at 9:44

    Er ist wunderschön und hat vor allem auch einen tollen Schnitt :) und dann ist es auch noch so günstig.

  • Cupcakes and Berries 7. April 2016 at 0:19

    Der Rock ist ein Traum! Der fällt so toll und das Muster, wow! Liebste Grüße