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Graveyard: March and April empties 2015

19. May 2015

Here are my product empties for March and April and a quick impression on each product. I’m a bit late for the post, but hopefully you like it anyways :) As usual, I didn’t include any sample sachets or sheet masks masks, because it is too messy to keep these.

Graveyard: March and April empties 2015

1. Rosemine Floral Remedy Foaming Cleanser. Repurchase? Maybe someday. I have to many cleansers right now.

You can read my review on this foaming cleanser >>here<<. I love the packaging and it had a nice scent. The foam was thick and soft and the cleanser contained rose petals.

2. Happy Bath Rose Essence. Repurchase? I would love to!

This bath and shower cream had the most lingering and nicest rose scent! If you are a lover you will love this…but I remember it was marked quite expensive, sadly.

3. Shib Jang Ceng Chun Ji Heang Hand Cream. Repurchase? Yes, please.

This moisturizing and nourishing hand cream has a long name, but nevertheless it does a great job as hand cream. It contains ginseng extracts, shea butter and olive oil and was not sticky, not greasy and I loved using it!

4. Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly. Repurchase? No.

I like the idea of shower jelly and it was quite fun. Nevertheless, this specific product scent was nbot my favourite, but I could imagine getting other versions of it.

5. Kerastase Elixir Ultime. Repurchase? Maybe.

I received this hair oil trial the last time I was giving my hair a cut. It is a nice and lightweight oil and I could imagine to try it again. Unfortunately, Kerastase products are quite expansive.

6. Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Concentrate Protein. Repurchse? Maybe.

You can read my review >>here<<. I enjoyed using these two hair treatments and I can imagine that I would repurchase them again from time to time.

7. Mise en scène Perfect Repair Treatment Pack. Repurchase? Yes!

This treatment was georgeous. It made the hair super soft and easy to comb after an instant. Although labelled for twice a week use I was using it almost every second day because I loved the effect. I would like to repurchase this again. Although I read in some that they think the scent is old-women scent, but I got used to it and even liked it after all. I still have the Mise en scène Perfect Serum and I’m planning to write a comparative post between a couple of hair oils.

8.Dewytree Real Collagen nutrition serum. Repurchase? Maybe.

There is still an upcoming review for this :D I enjoyed this serum and I love the pump bottle it has and the subtle rose/flower scent.

9. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream. Repurchase? Maybe.

a hydrating cream which contains hyaluronic acid and is very nice on the skin. You can read my review >>here<<.

10. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum. Repurchase? Maybe.

Another hydrating product from the Klairs Rich Moist soothing line. I was enjoying all the products, especially in winter. Read my review >>here<<.

11. Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. Repurchase? Yes! As soon as I’ve finished my other cleansers.

This is the best cleansing oil I have tried so far and I can recommend you to try it! Read my review >>here<<. I love the scent, I love how it cleanses. A great product!

12. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner. Repurchase? Yes!

Suprisingly, I fell in love with that toner, although I thought it will be my least favourite of the Klairs products. It has a nice pH of 5 and is really a good preparation facial toner. Read my review >>here<<.

13. Hanskin Bio Origin BB creams. Repruchase? Maybe the ampoule BB.

I wrote a comparison review on these two BB creams >>here<<. I liked the ampoule BB better than the other one, but both are descent products.

14. COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol. Repurchase? A good product to have in case of emergency!

I received this selfmade trial version of COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol in a giveaway by Sam Murakami from ColorCrush (check out her blog/videos). Thanks again for the lovely giveaway, dear ♥ I must say I had a positive impression on this product and I would love to try it for a longer time, if I have some more skin troubles (hopefully not). This treatment contains propolis, AHA/BHA and works great on troubled skin. It has an acid pH of 4 and should be used after a pH lowering toner and before your other moisturizing steps (including moisturizing toner/essences/serums/creams/ampoules etc). It is on sale at Wishtrend atm!

15. Yadah Vita-Whitening Aqua Gel and Puregreen Moisturizing Cream. Repurchase?No.

These two sample sized creams were a dissapointment. First: the lids were not closing properly, so I assume that some of the product either leaked out or evaporated/dried up after a while, although I didn’t open it before. Due to this my skin didn’t like the creams. One was to heavy balmtype and the other didn’t absorb either.

16. Tonymoly Eggpore Nose Pack Package. Repurchase? These, or other nosepacks.

I like to use nosepacks occasionally, although they say they are not good. But I love the feeling of seeing some dead skincells and dirt and babyhair pulled of by these kind of patches, although it is quite gross, especially when my bf does use these :D


Graveyard: March and April empties 2015

Do you know any of these and did you try them yourself? What is your opinion on these products I showed above? I’d be happy about your comments ♥

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Unboxing: MeMeBox Global No. 15

26. October 2014

Another MeMeBox Unboxing and I have to say, that I’m super happy that I bought another global box again, after having so many themed boxes. MeMeBox Global No. 15 comes heavily packed with 7 products, all of them fullsized ones. There is nothing to complain about considering the value!

MeMeBox Global No. 15

MeMeBox is a box service company, offering a wide amount of different beauty boxes. Unlike most western beauty boxes which have to be subscribed for on a monthly basis, MeMeBoxes can be preordered but that doesn’t force you to buy more than the desired box. They ship to many countries and the products they send in their boxes are mainly Korean. Apart from their monthly Global Boxes like this one, they also have a huge amount of themed boxes, Mini Boxes, Boxes where you know what is inside, so called Superboxes with a higher value and so on (check out the links at the end of the post)…just check out their online store and you’ll find a huge selection of different boxes. Since they have become very popular within the blogger community they sell out pretty fast, but they bring up new beauty boxes so fast, that you cannot keep up with them anyways. At the end of this post I will make a list of all the discounts they offer at the moment, too.

MeMeBox Global No. 15

As you can see, this box contains some nice and interesting products. Below you see the product card which was included in the box and contains the description of the products. I recognized that they added the information in the products card whether the product is available at MeMeStore or not.

MeMeBox Global No. 15

1. Tonymoly BCDation all master (fullsized product 50g for 24 US$)

This is a product by the Korean brand Tonymoly combining BB cream, CC cream, and foundation in one product. There was a previous version for this cream and now, since they added the term “all masters” I think this is supposed to be the new version. I don’t know yet what they’ve been changing but I will make a comparison between the two products soon. As for the product on its own I’m really happy that they put a BB cream in the box, because I love trying out different BB creams. Colorwise this product has a lighter shade and is probably not suitable for people with dark skintones.

2. miss.age Snail Anti Wrinkle Serum ( fullsized product 50 ml for 53 US$)

This serum is also available at MeMeShop and is directed to prevent and repair the skin against aging factors. It provides moisture and helps to tighten and lift the skin. According to the product card it contains over 5500 mg of snail mucus extracts (I don’t know if this is true, but that’s what they say). We all know by know about the skin healing properties that snail mucus provides, so I’m curious about the effects of this serum. It is a thicker, milky type serum. Stay tuned for a more detailled review.

3. Mise en scène Perfect Serum (fullsized product 70 ml for 9 US$)

I have to admit that I’m really a fan of asian haircare products. I used to have ultra fizzy and curly hair and since I started using different kinds of asian hair products my hair is much easier to handle. So I’m super happy that this box contains two hair products! This one is a hair oil type of product which can be ued before and after hair drying and inbetween, too. It has a nice smell and absorbs into the hair without leaving it greasy. I use alternately with the Confume Argan Oil from Wishtrend (which is awesome- review is planned soon).

4. Shara Shara I Wanna Pencil Gel Liner (fullsized product 1ea for 8 US$)

This product from the brand Shara Shara was randomly selected from two colors: BK01 Deep Black and BR01 Dark Brown. I received the Dark Brown Pencil Gel Liner and I’m happy because I don’t have a brown Pencil atm.The brown color is really a dark brown and even for me, although I prefer black eyeliner, I like to use it. It is creamy and has a nice pigmentation. On top it comes with an integrated sharpener, similar to those from the Etude House 101 Play Pencils. It doesn’t contain any shimmer particles, but has a matte color. I’m happy that MeMeBox recently puts a lot of Shara Shara products into their boxes, because it is a nice brand actually.

5. Tosowoong Makeon Lip Manicure 30 Seconds (fullsized product 5.5 g for 12 US$)

This is the third Lip Manicure product I’m trying know apart from the Clio and the RiRe Lip manicures. I’m not too happy of these products, because they fade out mostly ungracefully. This product here was selected between 5 different shades and it is also available at the MeMeShop. I received No.03 Pure Peach, a vibrant pink color. Since it is not a intense red color it fades at least more gracefully than the other products. Once it is dry it does’t transfer, but it will not last forever.

6. Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing Foam (fullsized product 75 ml for 8US$)

I’m still using my other cleansers atm, so I’ll keep this for when I’m out of foam cleansers. I didn’t know the brand and I’m curious to try this foam cleanser out and I like the packaging of this one. It is smaller than the usuall foam cleanser tubes I tried, but it is a fullsized product nevertheless.

7. Mise en scène Perfect Repair Treatment Pack (fullsized product 180 ml for 16 US$)

As I said before, I love asian hair care products and I’m already using this hair treatment every second or third day. It smells nice and leaves my hair super soft and easy to comb through. I feel that it is a nice hair product all in all.

MeMeBox Global No. 15

As I said, the moment I opened up the box and saw how fully packed it was, I was already absolutely satisfied. First thing I saw was the Tonymoly BCDation All Masters cream. I received the normal version of the BCDation with a previous version in a sample size and I’m really looking forward to write a comparatative review between those two. Another product I will probably make a comparison review on is the Makeon Lipmanicure. I already did a comparison between Clio’s and RiRe’s Lipmanicure earlier.  Apart from this, this box contains all kind of variety: you have products for haircare, for skincare, and even make-up products. I really love how balanced it is! ♥ I still can recommend you, if you like surprise boxes you should get one of the global boxes. So far they never let me down. What do you think of this box? Do you preferr the surprise boxes or the nakedboxes? And which products from this box would you love to try out, too?

If you are curious about MeMeBox and their products, aswell as their enourmous selection of different beautyboxes check out their page >>here<<. Check out the value sets and the possibility to upgrade to free express shipping, too. MeMebox has also a couple promotions:

receive 3 MeMePoints worth 3 Us$ by signing up

– receive 5 US$ OFF for October using the code 6DL4

using my affiliate link or the code AFFILIATE-7711-I8PV5-MWLL will get you $5 OFF discount on any orders above $100 (shipping charges not included, can be combined with other coupons)

– using my affiliate link or the code AFFILIATE-0319-ZKQVT-DBNX will get you $10 OFF for orders above 150 US$ (shipping charges not included, can be combined with other coupons)

 – Referral-Only Deal: get MeMePoints by purchasing some boxes available through this link >>here<<.

– $5 off on entire order when purchasing over 3 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3

– $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4

– Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop: FREESHIPPING


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Do you know MeMeBox already? Were you happy with the products so far? And if you have any requests for reviews of the received products, feel free to leave a comment :)

beauty beauty boxes

Unboxing: MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10

4. June 2014

I know that there has been a couple of unboxing posts on MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10, but nevertheless I’d like to show you the content of my box. If you have any requests on reviews on the single items feel free to leave a comment. Again, MeMeBox totally convinced me with their 10th Korean beauty box. It arrived at my doorstep feeling heavy and opening the box just confirmed that it was fully loaded with some great items.

MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10

MeMeBox is a box service company, offering a wide amount of different beauty boxes. Unlike most western beauty boxes which have to be subscribed for on a monthly basis, MeMeBoxes can be preordered but that doesn’t force you to buy more than the desired box. They ship to many countries and the products they send in their boxes are mainly Korean. Apart from their monthly Global Boxes like this one, they also have a huge amount of themed boxes, Mini Boxes, Boxes where you know what is inside, so called Superboxes with a higher value and so on…just check out their online store and you’ll find a huge selection of different boxes. Since they have become very popular within the blogger community they sell out pretty fast, but they bring up new beauty boxes so fast, that you cannot keep up with them anyways XD

MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10

Let’s see what was the content of MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10: As you can see, the box was completely filled and the products look like mainly full sized products. Actually, there was only one sample sized product in this box. A card with the product description in English is included, too (click the image below to enlarge).

MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10

So here are the products that were included this time:


MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10


1. Dewytree Ginseng Nutritious Black Mask (full size product, 4 US$)

A sheet mask with ginseng and gingko leaf extracts. The packaging is kind of cute. Also, I never tried a ginseng mask so far although I heard that it is a super beneficial ingredient. I’m curious to try this out.

2. CaoLion Mool Pool Deep Cleansing (full size product, 9 US$)

Cleansers make me happy! It seems they always come at the right time, when I’m about to finish an old tube XD. This cleanser is advertised as perfect cleanser for a one step cleansing. Korean’s usually do double cleansing routine, starting with an oil cleanser in order to remove the makeup and a foam cleanser for a second cleansing step. CaoLion Mool Pool deep Cleansing promises to remove makeup and even waterproof makeup and be gentle to your skin at the same time. I didn’t try it yet, but it will be used pretty soon.

3. Drww Multi-Action Smart Cream Gel (full size, 59 US$)

59 $?! What kind of wonder product is this?! The cardboard packaging is huge, but the tube containing the product is smaller. Nevertheless, it is quite some cream. I already started using this. It is a moisturizing gel. The consistency is like Jell-O. but as soon as it is applied on the skin it melts away. I like it so far! Plus: it is usable as sleeping mask, too!

4. Mise en Scène Curling Essence 2X (full size product, 14 US$)

This Korean brand for hair care seems to gain some popularity in Korea. It is my first time receiving a product from Mise en Scène. I used it 2 times so far and it does what it should, It gives you some nicely defined curls if you have naturally curled hair like I do. I think it will be great for making curls with a curling iron, too, but I didn’t try it yet.

5. Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB (sample size product- full size costs 45 US$)

Although this MeMeBox only contains a sample sized version of this BB cream with 4,5 ml content it is one of my highlight products. I love BB creams and a BB cream in a bottle with a pipette is something I never seen before. I tried it once and I will try it a couple of time more. The novellty of this BB cream is probably that it contains royal jelly extract.

6. Atopalm Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum (full size product, 49 US$)

Again a product with a proud price. I would never have bought it by myself. It is an eye repair serum and it has a funny open/closing mechanism. I used it already and it feels nice and absorbs quickly. It is my second favorite product from this MeMeBox.

All in all, I’m super happy with MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10. It contains mostly skincare, except of the BB cream sample, but the skincare products are well balanced. The value of the products is amazing, too, considering the fact that you pay 23 US$ normally, plus shipping (6.99 US$ for standard shipping). But I think I never paid the full price for any of the MeMeBoxes I ordered up to now. They always have so many ways to save money, by coupons and other promotions. I can definitively recommend you to check out MeMeBox online store.

Here is a list of the current events/ promotions to save some money:

For signing up you receive 2 MeMePoints worth 2 US$/ at the moment they have a banner on their shop saying that you can even receive 10 MeMePoints worth 10 US$

Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop: FREESHIPPING

$5 off on orders over 3 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3 

Also, when making orders of some of the boxes you might get MeMePoints, too, this helps to save the shipping costs for your next order if you get addicted like me XD

You can also read my previous unboxing posts:

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Do you know MeMeBox already? Were you happy with the products so far? And if you have any requests for reviews of the received products, feel free to leave a comment :)