Review: Rosemine Plumpy Tint Roseberry

When I received my MeMeBox Rose Scentbox I was especially happy about two products from the brand Rosemine, one foam cleanser and the Rosemine Plumpy Tint I’ll show you here. Both have an adorable packaging and lovers of floral design will be more than happy about the appearance of these products. By the way, the Rosemine Foam Cleanser will be reviewed soon, too, which became a member of my daily skincare routine product family. :)

Rosemine Plumpy Tint Roseberry

The brand Rosemine is made by the Korean cosmetic manufacturing company called “EVAS”. The name is not chosen randomly, I think, because they stress the point, that their brand is wants to “give people clean & safe lifestyle (by Christian principle)”. I’m feeling a bit discomfortable if a cosmetic brand or company also makes religious remarks, since skincare and cosmetics should be reaching beyond religious aspects…Nevertheless, let’s have a closer look at the Rosemine Plumpy Tint: This is a jelly type lip tint available in two different shades, “Princess Coral” and “Roseberry”. I’m showing you the shade “Roseberry” here, a red berry shade. I remember that I saw this lip tint on one of Pony’s beauty turorials on youtube, too.

Rosemine Plumpy Tint Roseberry

As I already said, the packaging of the product line is inspired by roses and has a beautiful and girly cardboard box. The description of the tint is in Korean only, unfortunately, that is why I cannot provide you with more detailled information. The lip tint comes in a plastic tube with a plastic applicator. The only ingredient information comes on the frontside of the tube, because it says: “a very fresh french rose water and ginseng extract for irresistable and attractive lips”. The tint itself is a jelly type tint and smells very lightly of roses. Once applied I don’t smell it anymore.

Rosemine Plumpy Tint Roseberry

The application can be a bit tricky because it tends to get patchy and you have to apply quickly. I normally apply 2 layers and use a lip brush. I noticed that this gives the best results. I also noticed that the tint seems to separate into two phases if you don’t use it for some time. You’ll get an oily phase and a colored, jelly phase. Keep in mind to shake your tube in order to prevent this. The good thing is, that the oily phase makes your lips feel smooth and the lip tint doesn’t dry your lips in the end, but it looks kind of glossy.

Rosemine Plumpy Tint Roseberry

Rosemine Plumpy Tint Roseberry

Somehow I also did have my problems with the tube. It seemed liuke everytime I used this lip tint I pressed out too much of the product. It is quite hard to controll the amount you want to use. But on the other hand, once the color is appllied it leaves a great stain and looks very pretty and visible on the lips. The result makes me very happy and the packaging aswell…so if they update the difficult formula, it is be the perfect tint. The tube contains 13 g of product and the retail price on the company’s page is around 9 US$. I received mine with the MeMeBox Rose Scentbox, but it is also available in the MeMeShop for 11 US$. If you want to buy it from their shop keep in mind the various promotions they offer:

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Did anybody else try the Rosemine Pumpy Tints? What is your favourite lip tint?


7 thoughts on “Review: Rosemine Plumpy Tint Roseberry”

    1. Actually, I have some that I really like, which have a great texture, too, for example the Belleme lip tint from Abbamart and Etude House Cherry Tint. They have sooooo many liptints in the Korean merket that I can hardly claim to have tried enough :D But generally I’m a lipstick lover, too :)

    1. I use it rarely, too, because it is so difficult to handle, but once done it really looks nice. I hope you’ll have some great vacations and lots of fun :) I’ll promise there will be a bunch of new reviews when you’re back <3

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