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Review: RiRe Lip Powder

7. December 2016

I was super excited when I received this set of RiRe Lip Powder from BBCOSMETIC for reviewing purpose. I tried the RiRe Lipmanicure in the past and did really like it and I heard good things about these unique lip powders aswell. Here is my impression:

RiRe Lip Powder
RiRe is a Korean brand which is not so widely known. When Clio Lipnicures were hyped they released a dupe called RiRe Lipmanicure. I was not happy with the Clio Lipnicure, although many people raved about it being super long-lasting. As soon as I heard about the dupe I ordered it and tried how it compared with the one from Clio and the result was that I liked it much better (read my review >>here<<). I heard about the new product from RiRe called Lip Powder a while ago, since it was reviewed by some bloggers and I was super excited to give it a shot. Now, I’m even more happy that I could try all 4 shades of the RiRe Lip Powder.

RiRe Lip Powder
Here is the set I received, containing four shades of the RiRe Lip Powder and a Lip Stain Remover. Everything is packed in a pretty black box, neat and nice! The backside of the box lists the ingredients for all the products in English and Korean, too.

RiRe Lip Powder
The shades are called 01. Orange Pop, 02. Hot Plum, 03. Sugar Rose, and 04. Fashion Red. They come in small, transparent plexiglass with a black cap. They really look adorable. Through the body of the tiny bottle you can see a fine powder inside the bottles.

RiRe Lip Powder

Inside the caps are the angled applicators for the lip powders. You have to be careful when opening the bottles because the powder is super fine and may spill, similar to translucent powder you can use for mattifying.

RiRe Lip Powder

What makes these powders so exceptional is the texture. It is a powder inside the bottle as you can see clearly, but as soon as you apply it on the skin or lips the texture changes and glides onto your skin. The RiRe Lip Powder leaves a soft stain. Depending on the layers you can make the stain stronger or softer.

RiRe Lip Powder

The colors look distinct when swatched on my arm, but on my lips you will see that Hot Plum and Fashion Red look almost similar. Sugar Rose is a less intense pink/cherry toned as these two. Orange Pop looks like a classy red shade on my lips and on my arm swatch. The stain does not settle into the lips or feel drying, although you might think of a lip powder being drying. As I said, the texture becomes somehow fluid as soon as it touches your lips or skin. It is so magical!

RiRe Lip Powder

The stain is quite long-lasting and therefore there is also a Lip Stain Remover included in the set. The RiRe Easy Clean Lip Remover doesn’t remove your Lips as the name would suggest, but is designed to remove the stain. It is a super effective oil-gel product and comes in a tube.

RiRe Lip Powder

Below you can see how easy it was to remove my arm swatches. I applied the remover and rubbed it into the stain and then simply used a cotton pad to swipe off the color makeup. It was super easy and quick!

RiRe Lip Powder
I love the whole kit! The RiRe Lip Powders have such a unique texture and they feel so lightweight on the lips. I love the light and natural colors of all the shades. I’m also happy about the lip stain remover which does a great job, too! So easy to remove the stains afterwards, too! The only downside I can think of is the short applicator. If they would revamp the packaging design I would wish they would make it longer. You can get the RiRe Lip Powders from BBCOSMETIC and they are really affordable, too! The whole set retails for 16.51 US$, the single shades for 5.71 US$, and the Remover retails for 4.62 US$. All in all not really expensive and worth a try! What do you think?

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RiRe Lip Powder


Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Clementine 8. December 2016 at 0:47

    I saw these on YouTube awhile back and they look really cool! I agree that there isn’t a huge amount of variety in the colours, though. They do look gorgeous on the lips and at that price you can’t really go wrong.

  • Valentina Chirico 8. December 2016 at 10:25

    They looks awesome!!! It’s besically like using lip-safe pigment but already with a comfy applicator… that sounds great, anyway!
    Orange Pop is the one I like the most ;-)

  • Jenny 9. December 2016 at 17:23

    What an interesting concept! I would think that powders are super drying but it doesn’t look that way at all! The colors are gorgeous too! ? do you have to remove these with the included remover, or would a regular makeup remover work?

  • Missevaloves 11. December 2016 at 12:40

    Hui für mich ganz was Neues! Ich habe Lip Powder noch nie probiert. Das wäre mal etwas für mich!
    Die Farbtöne gefallen mir alle supergut Maus!