Review: Missha M Everlasting Lip Top Coat

Matte liptints and lipsticks are one of the trends I observed in the last months. It seems as if every brand comes up with a new tint or stain or other lip product. Recently, I made a comparison beween RiRe Lipmanicure and Clio Lipnicure, which are matte lip laquers, too. A lot of people find these formula too drying, and I agree, because it makes them less daily wearable. For this reason lip top coats are one of the products from interest. I bought Missha M Everlasting Lip Top Coat and I really preferr to use this over the drying lip products for daily use.


Missha is one of the worldwide famous korean brands, especially their Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream is one of the most famous BB creams. They have a lot of online stores all over the world and are available in US/Canada, Australia and recently they even opened up an online store for Germany, which made me super happy.  The products always come in a very luxurious looking packaging. Also here, the cardboard box is made of reflecting material with ornaments. The design is very mature and elegant and I think that it can be liked by almost everyone. Missha M everlasting Lip Top Coat comes in a long bullet shaped packaging. The part containing the top coat is clear with a light grey gradient, sturdy material, where you can see how much product is left.


Although the product is available in a lot of countries, the description on the cardboard box is in Korean only. You can find a lot of describtion on the online stores sites on the other hand. Here is the description taken from the US site:

Clear top coat for lips!
Non-sticky gloss coating for a smudge free, long lasting wear.

Jojoba Oil and Grape Seed Oil for moisturizing and nourishing benefits.
Moisture Barrier Polymer helps prevent dry, chapped lips.
Features the Light Gel System for a lightweight shine.

It has a soft brush tip for easy application and a perfect finish.

Moreover the packaging shows that this product can be used for 18 months after opened.


The cap really looks beautiful if you look at it more closely.


The applicator of the lip coat is a brush. I really like this applicator. The tip is fine enough to overlay the lips in a detailled way. It also is bendable and soft in use.


Below you see how Missha M everlasting Lip Top Coat looks on Clio’s Lipnicure (on the right). It doesn’t smudge the lip laquer or make it feather. It feels not sticky, but pleasant for a top coat.


Here is the image I showed in my comparison review. You can see how the lip coat looks like on my lips in the bottom of the picture. It gives the lips a nice gloss and hides the dryness of the lip product.


There are also lip coats available specific for  Clio’s Lipnicure or for RiRe’s Lipmanicure, but the one from Missha does a good job, too and I don’t think that the other coats will be really different from this one. Also, I discovered, that the Clio Lipnicure which tends to chunk off in large pieces is more wearable with a lip coat, because the fading of the color is less harsh. the ingredients of this lip coat are nice, it includes Jojoba oil and grapeseed oil, so the lips won’t feel drying. You can get this lip top coat from the Missha online stores for around 13 US$ or via ebay. Do you use a top coat for your matte lip products? Do you have any favourite?


13 thoughts on “Review: Missha M Everlasting Lip Top Coat”

    1. I mean, the bad point is, taht you loose the matte effect, but for some products the matte effect simply doesn’t work out. It’s a good way to be able to use those products nevertheless :)

  1. I wanted to try this, since I really like the Missha Lacquers but did find them drying. Instead, I opted to try out a Holika Holika one, though. I haven’t tried many lip top coats so I’m finding it hard to review it. Ahaha.

    1. I didn’t try many lipcoats either, but I think the main part of a lip coat is, that it should notsmear the product underneath. Btw. did you have any prodlems with the red missha lip laquer in terms of chunked off pieces of product?

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