Review: MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam & Cloud Embo Massage Brush

20. November 2016

From the moment I started using the asian double cleansing method I loved it! Double cleansing is easy and really makes a difference in your skin condition once you use it for a while. For the method you use two cleansing steps: in the first one, you remove the makeup, usually by using an oil cleanser, in the second step you clean your face by a foam cleanser for example. For many people this sounds like too much, because it takes to much time, so combination products are always popular. I reviewed the MAXCLINIX Caviar Massage Foam Oil in the past and today I will review another similar product, the MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam. Additionally, I will show you the Cloud Embo Massage Brush which completes this cleansing routine. Both products were kindly offered to me by BNTnews.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam

Max Clinic is a Korean brand. Unfortunately, the description is only in Korean, but this explains probably, why this brand is rather unknown to people outside of Korea and even to many lovers of asian beauty products. The packaging design of the products is simple and neat and both products came packed in cardboard boxes.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam

The MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam comes in a sturdy plastic container with a pump. It has a clear, plastic protective cap, too. The pump dispenser is a bit inconvenient, because it is not the long type of dispenser, where you easily can put your hand below, but you’ll always have to hold the bottle at an angle, so you dispense the product into the middle of your palms. Other than this the packaging looks elegant and the material is not appearing cheaply, but rather sturdy.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam

This massage and cleansing oil has a thick oil/jelly texture when pumped out. The formula contains capsules, which probably contain the vitamins. In order to use this cleanser you first dispense one pump on your palms and massage it on your dry face. After massaging, wet your hands and continue massaging. The oil becomes a bit foamy, although it doesn’t generate huge amounts of foams. The cleansing oil is a clear, oil type (of course), yellow-ish colored product and smells nicely. I didn’t find any information about the ingredients…but the packaging says “natural ingredients”, so I hope that’s true.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam

While cleansing your face this product doesn’t make your skin feel dry. The pH though lies at 7 and is not suited for those people in need of low pH cleansers. I experiened that the cleanser removes most makeup, but not all of it efficiently. Since it is claimed to be an all in one product this is a bit disappointing. The skin itself feels clean though, but for removing all your makeup you will need eye-and lip makeup remover.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam

The best way to use this product is in combination with the Cloud Embo Massage Brush. This super soft brush has two sides: a V-Padding Massage side and the Cloud Embo side. It is suggested to apply the oil cleanser first with your dry hands, then use the V-Padding Massage side of the brush to massage your face. Then, with the wet brush side brush your face in circular movements.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam

The oil cleanser lathers up into a much nicer foam when used together with the brush. And the bristles of the brush are so soft and nice and are perfectly suited for sensitive skintypes too.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam

Once the brush has been used make sure to rinse it off with clear water, then squeeze it out and leave it to dry thoroughly. The embo brush will be as soft as during the first time you used it. I love it!

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam

I must say that for a all-in-one product I am not totally happy with the MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam. The foam it creates without using the help of a brush is really few. Also, it is not able to remove your eye makeup properly. The Cloud Embo Massage Brush on the other hand is great! I love that it has a massage side and I love how soft it is. You can buy the cleanser from ebay for around 17 US$ and the brush for 20 US$.

This product was provided to me by BNTnews for reviewing. You can find my previous reviews for BNTnews >>here<<. And visit BNTnews for the latest Korean news and trends:

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MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam

Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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