Review: Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat Pro


I have a whole bunch of nail polishes containing glitter particles, but I rarely use them only for one reason: it is a pain to remove them afterwards. I bet, some of you know this particular situation. Finally, I decided to make my life easier by buying a peel off base coat and I decided for Innisfree’s Eco Peel Off Base Coat Pro in particular.

Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat Pro

Innisfree is an eco-friendly Korean skincare and makeup brand focusing on natural ingredients and recycle packaging. The design of their products is simply and neat and nicely reflects the ideology of the brand. Normally, Innisfree products are free from harmful ingredients, but unfortunatelly I couln’t find any information on this specific product.

Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat Pro

The nail polish bottle has a simply design. It has a clear body and a white cap and looks very sturdy. The color of the coat shines through the bottle. The peel off coat has a milky color, but when dried it looks clear on the nails. The brush is short and easy to handle and it takes an appropriate amount of the peel off coat. The product is basically scent free, too.

Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat Pro

The consistency of the peel off coat is something between glue-like and normal nail polish. When applied it has to dry off completely before you apply the next nail polish. It should help to make your second layer dry quicker and ít claims to enhance the color of the nail polish. I used it in the pictures below together with Etude House Play Color No. 55 nail polish.

Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat Pro

This was the first try I used the base coat. If you have some experience you know how to find the corner for peeling off larger chunks. My other hand turned out much better as you see below :D Some residues may be left, but they can be removed very easily, too.

Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat Pro

I definitively should have bought such a peel off coat earlier. I’m super happy how easy this Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat makes my life now :D If you love glitter nail polishes but hate removing them, I can definitively recommend you to buy one of these. I bought mine from Keautystore, for 8 US$, but I had reward points to use, so I paid nothing :D You can get this from W2Bauty for 2.50 US$. If you use my affiliate link or enter the code 088505 in the registration form you’ll receive a 5 US$ voucher, which can be used immediately for purchases over 30 US$.



12 thoughts on “Review: Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat Pro”

    1. You should use it before applying your nail polish usually. And with this one from Innisfree I didn’t have that problem that it peels off without noticing…As soon as I start to peel off bits it gets easy though. I have the feeling the nail polish stays as usually. I also didn’t have to wait so long for the base to dry…I didn’t try the Etude House Peel Off coat in order to make a direct comparison though…

  1. I have one peeling base from Essence, guess peeling base are like the same =/ mine has glue scent and it’s too easy to peel off nail polish, but the con: It loose when I soak my hands on warm water…washing dishes or in the shower. Luckily this one I have in few minutes it’s dry.

    I have curiosity for nail care from innisfree, thank you for doing this review, have a nice week ^^
    Evelyn last post…Terminados de Julio!My Profile

    1. This didn’t have any gluey scent. I could wear the nailpolish for three days, then I started to peel it off by myself, so it didn’t get removed by showering for example…maybe you should try this one for a comparison with the one from essence.

    1. It is the best way for removing glitter polishes…I hate to remove them with normal polish remover, because it is sooo hard, but these peel off coats make it so easy *_*

  2. I have never seen this product before! How on earth do you use it? Do you apply it over your nail polish when you want to remove it and then peel it off? Or use it as a base coat and then peel it off after 4 days or so?

    So confuzzled! Looks very convenient though :)

    1. You apply this below the nail polish, then you do your nails, and if you don’t want it any more you peel it off and your nails are ready to go for new nail polish XD it is especially usefull for glitter nail polishes because they are so hard to remove usually.

  3. Could I put a normal colour underneath so when the glitter layer peels off, I still have some other colour nail polish on?

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