Review: Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick Romantic Autumn Rose

A couple of days ago I received a beautiful parcel from Stella from with a huge pile of goodies I received  because of winning her Valentine’s Giveaway. I was so happy about it, and I was even happier when I saw all the nice cosmetic brands she put together for this giveaway. One of the items was Innisfree’s Color Glow Lipstick in the shade “Romantic Autumn Rose” (No.3). In case you read my blog before, you may have stumbled across my review for Innisfree’s Color Glow Lipstick before. Back then I reviewed the shade “Plum Burgundy” (Click >>here<< for the review). I really do love this lipstick, and this is why I was really happy about especially this product within my winnings.

Apart from loving this lipstick even before, I was also happy that I received a pink shade, because I rarely buy pink products and it gives some more versatility to my lipstick collection :D The packaging is typically for Innisfree very clean and unspectacular, but I like it nevertheless.

The paper card box unfortunately doesn’t contain any English translation, only the symbols on one side of the box a re explained.

The lipstick contains 3.5 g. It has some kind of metal support around the lipstick, probably in order to prevent that it breaks off easily. 


The color of the lipstick bar is a pretty rose-pink shade and I think that the name “Romantic Autumn Rose” is a perfect choice for describing the shade. The lipstick glides smoothly and feels very creamy. It does leave a descent amount of pigmentation on my lips, although my lips are naturally darker than the color of the lipstick. I don’t need to use concealer for seeing a visible pink shade on my lips. That’s great!
Nevertheless, I discovered with this shade, that it tends to accentuate dry flakes on the lips. The burgundy shade didn’t leave that impression, probably because the shade is darker, but with this pink shade I have to exfoliate my lips before. Other than this I love this lipstick as much as I loved the burgundy shade. It has a natural color and it is suited for upcoming spring as well, although this lipstick range was designed for last years autumn. The staying power is similar to most lipsticks, so you’ll have to reapply as soon as you eat or drinkHere is a comparison between the two shades:
All in all I love the Innisfree Color Glow Line and I recommend it to everybody looking for a creamy and moisturizing lipstick. Nevertheless you should keep in mind that the staying power is not comparable to the staying power of lip tints for example. And that the brighter colors may accentuate dry parts of your lips.
You can buy this lipstick at:
W2Beauty for US$ 15.92 (free shipping option. You’ll get a 5$ voucher upon registration with this link, which is usable for orders of minimum 30$)

34 thoughts on “Review: Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick Romantic Autumn Rose”

  1. The color is very pretty, Fraulein *.*
    I have the same problem too with number 2, just like you said maybe the colour is more pale and thay’s why it accentuates dry flakes >.<

    1. This one has a hydrating formula. I think the problem why it highlights dry flakes is the color, since my lips have a darker pigmentation. This one doesn’t look matte on the lips, it is and feels really moisturizing. Thanks for commenting!♥

    1. Thanks dear ♥ The Color glow lipsticks are really a nice lipstick range. You should definitively buy a couple of shades if you can get your hands on it. I really would try some more shades, too. thanks for commenting!♥

    1. hahaha, that’s true…but normally I go for classy red lipstick, which is also more a wintry shade…I rarely have pink lipsticks. But this one really is a nice color! Thanks for commenting!♥

    1. You should try to get one or two shades from this line. The lipsticks are really nice, have a good pigmentation and a nice feeling on the lips. Thank you for reading and commenting!♥

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