Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2x Hair Pack and Hair Serum

Today I went to the hair saloon and cut my hair…I cut off 30 cm of my hair, because it was so damaged that I think it is the best way to regrow healthy hair. But before I decided to cut my hair I still believed in rescuing it somehow, and in one of my desperate attempts I bought also two hair masks from Etude House called Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2x Hair Pack and Serum.
All in all four different masks from this range are available. You can buy either the Camellia, the Jojoba, the Argan Seed or the Avaocado hair mask. They are recommended for different grades of nutrition, marked by level 1-4. I bought level 3 Argan Seed Pack and level 4 Avocado pack, since my hair was really dry and damaged. Each of these packs consists of two steps. The first step ist the hair pack, which you apply in your wet hair after washing, leave it in for some minutes and wash it out. The second step is the serum, which you can put into your wet or dry hair and don’t have to wash it out.
The packaging of both masks is super cute and typical for Etude House. The back contains the description in English and Korean. The amount in both sachets is enough for one treatment of long hair. If you have short hair you can probably use it two times. Both, the pack and the serum are milky lotion type fluids.
I didn’t take any before and after pictures so you have to believe my words :D First, both packs made my hair smooth after applying and made it easy to comb through my hair while they were still wet. I applied the serum to my wet hair in both cases and the serum makes them even smoother. The feeling of the hair after using the packs was definitively nice than before. I also recognised a boost in the shininess of my hair, especially with the Avocado mask. The shiny effects of the Avocado mask appeared stronger to me and the smoothness condition of my hair did also.  The scent of both hair treatments was pleasant and lingered on the hair for quite some time. They both didn’t have a special scent, it was just a typical hair pack scent :D
These packs have a nice packaging and give an extra boost of shine to your hair. They make them feel smooth after application but they are definitively not “THE” hair treatment solving all your problems. I could imagine re-buying the Avocado treatment, but probably I’ll try out other hair masks before.
You can these packs at W2Beauty for US$ 4.59 each.
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19 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2x Hair Pack and Hair Serum”

    1. I think it is difficult to improve really damaged hair, even for good hair treatments. These are nice to provide some shorttime glossyness and smoothness, and I liked to use them. But I hope I can find even better hair treatments.

  1. I’ve been wondering about these for some time now =) after trying the Silk Scarf line I was not too impressed with Etude House’s hair stuff. How much comes in the packet? I worry I’ll need like 5 of these for my hair. >…> Thanks for reviewing this!

    1. My hear length when I used these packs was up to my breasts, so quite long. I have natural curly hair, but it is not super thick. The amount inside the sachets was enough for one time use for me. I think they are fun to use and give the hair some glossyness, so I liked using them, but they are nor the best hairpacks I’ve ever tried. ;)

  2. I think the avocado masks sounds promising *-* I’d love to give it a try when I have money again haha xD But I think they’re really expensive for 1 time use :/ Thanks for this review though :33


  3. My hair isn’t super damaged, but avacado works wonders for my ends and oily tops! *A*
    I’ll pick these up if I ever see them. A relaxing hair mask never hurts. 8D
    Thank you for the review! <3

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