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Review: Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

21. May 2013
The Etude House Perfect Brow Kit has been my first eyebrow product and it is still the one I’m using the most. Many people neglate their brows, but I assure you it makes a huge difference whether you care and groom your brows or not. Not only grooming is important, but also shaping and filling parts of your eyebrow. Koreans really have a thorough eyebrow routine and thus there are so many products available. In contrast to western eyebrow products, which tend to be too pigmented, you can create really natural look with Korean eyebrow products.
  Etude House Perfect Brow Kit
Etude House is one of the best known Korean brands for cute packaging. If you are a lover of cute, girly and pink packaging, reminding you of being a child and the princess you always dreamt to be, THIS is your brand. Their packaging is usually so adoreable that you cannot keep yourself from impuls-buys – only because you saw the packaging…The Etude House Perfect Brow Kit comes in a pink cardboard box illustrated with bows,ribbons and lace pattern all around. I fell in love with it  just because of the packaging again. ♥
On the backside of the packaging you can see a Korean description for the Etude House Perfect Brow Kit. It is quite easy and understandable because of the little illustrations and no need to be able to read it. :D Also an English description is provided on the side of the box.
The Etude House Perfect Brow Kit is a brow-grooming kit containing 2 eyebrow colors and a highlighter. The kit comes in a solid black (it has a hint of pink though) plastic case with a mirror and a screw brush (or spooley) for arranging the eyebrows, a wide brush for filling in needed eyebrows and for high-lightening and a diagonal/angled brush drawing the eyebrow tail. It is super easy to open the case and to close it without being too easy to fly open while inside a bag for example. The brow colors are not strongly pigmented which makes it perfect to create natural brows. They are powdery and make it easy to fill the gaps between your eyebrow hairs. The highlighter is very sheer, too and just has a hint of shimmer and is really natural, too. Applying the highlighter below your brow’s arch gives it a pretty lift. The mirror and the little brushes are really handy and make the whole kit perfect for travel and handbag if wanted.
Etude House Perfect Brow Kit
EDIT: I’ve been using this eyebrow kit for 2 years now and I have just barely reached the pan with the highlighter and the light brown shade (make sure to disinfect the surface regularly and clean the brushes once in a while, or you will not be able to keep such products for long time because of possible germs). So the amount of this tiny palette is more than sufficient. Furthermore, the highlighter and the light brown shade are also nice shades for contouring your nose for example. I loved using the highlighter on other parts of my face, too.
My eyebrows are naturally very dense and black and the Etude House Perfect Brow Kit gives them really a very natural and subtle groom. It doesn’t make me look artificial or anything, but fills the gaps within my eyebrow hairs and gives them a nicer shape. Using the highlighter makes your eyes looking more vivid and bright, too. It can be used for contouring as well. I recommend this kit for everyone who is looking for a travel friendly kit for eyebrows, which makes them look nice and really natural. You can get the Etude House Perfect Brow Kit from W2Beauty for 12.16 US$. When using my affiliate link for W2Beauty or enter the code 088505 in the registration form you’ll receive a 5 US$ voucher, which can be used immediately for purchases over 30 US$. For those living in the US you might want to check out the prices on Amazon, too.

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  • katy white 21. May 2013 at 22:29

    Great post! I’ve got this sitting in my ebay basket ready to order :P xx

    • Fräulein Schnee 21. May 2013 at 22:35

      I hope you’ll like it as much as I do! Thanks for commenting!:D

  • Lauren renturquise 22. May 2013 at 5:33

    i have been looking for this brow kit for long time
    thanks for the review :)

    • Fräulein Schnee 22. May 2013 at 8:29

      You’re welcome! I’m happy I could help :D

  • Misa Lee 22. May 2013 at 5:57

    I Saw this eyebrow kit a while ago but then I notice I wouldn’t like the color cause it won’t make my eyebrows lighter :( for now I stick to Japanese eyebrow mascara but étude packaging is always cute and girly <3 it looks good on your eyebrows too fräulein ^^ the highlighter looks really nice and pigmented :D

    • Fräulein Schnee 22. May 2013 at 8:34

      Thanks for your comment, Misa. :D You’re right, this won’t make your eyebrows lighter. I think therefore eyebrow mascaras are the best. I like the highlighter, too. Although it is very pigmented on the swatch it looks very natural :)

  • Carmen C 22. May 2013 at 12:35

    I like your eyebrows! Do you groom them yourself?
    The powder looks really nice and pigmented!
    Thank you for the review

    • Fräulein Schnee 22. May 2013 at 12:38

      Thanks, sweetheart! :D I groom them by myself…If I wouldn’t I would look like one of the puppets from sesame street XD hehe…
      The powder of this kit is really nice…it feels satin-like, too :)

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