Review: Etude House Baking Powder B.B. Deep Cleansing Foam and Giveaway winner ;D

31. May 2013
Hey everyone! :) I got Etude House Baking Powder B.B. Deep Cleansing Foam as a sample with my Keautybox Sample Set. I really like this product a lot and I already ordered the full size tube a while ago through ebay, but there was a postal problem somehow and I didn’t get my order yet ~_~.

Here is the product description from Etude House:
Why we love: Facial cleanser effectively removes BB cream coverage with Baking Powder and natural scrub beads.
More to love: Natural Baking Powder: Pore Cleansing
This cleanser has already a foamy texture when you push it out of the sample sachet. You don’t need a lot of product to clean your whole face, so a sample sachet lasts for some uses, too. The foam smells of citrus and provides more foam while applying it to your face. It cleans the skin thoroughly, making it feel squeaky-clean afterwards. And I really mean squeaky clean! :D I recommend to use a moisturizing cream afterwards, especially if you have dry skin, but I guess this should be the case after almost every cleanser :D
The full size comes in a tube and contains 150 ml  and costs around US$ 14. At W2beauty you can buy this foam for US$ 13.93. If you use my link or the sponsor code 088505 for registration at W2Beauty you’ll get a 5.00 $ voucher after registration.
By the way, I reached 50 followers at GFC! Thank you all so much for sharing some interest with my blog and blog topics. If you have any requests in reviews or improvements don’t hesitate to write me an email! I appreciate your opinion a lot! And upon these good news I have an announcement to make for my mini-giveaway. Unfortunately it is over, but we have a lucky winner: Congratulations to Gabriëlle La Croix!♥ I wrote you an email about the details!:D

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  • Chee Z 1. June 2013 at 6:21

    Looks like a great cleansing product! Good thing it doesn’t smell like baking soda! xD
    Congrats on 50+ followers! yay! And also to the winner of the giveaway x)

    • Fräulein Schnee 1. June 2013 at 18:11

      Thanks Chee! I hope my full size tube arrives soon.I’ve been waiting so long now :D

  • Mizu chan 1. June 2013 at 9:26

    I’ve tried this and the new moist one and I can say that I loved this one better than the moist one :D

    • Fräulein Schnee 1. June 2013 at 18:09

      That’s great to hear because I was doubting wether this or the moist one is better for my skin. It seems I made the right decision :D

  • Sakuranko 1. June 2013 at 21:55

    Oh really interesting product!

    • Fräulein Schnee 1. June 2013 at 22:11

      Isn’t it?!:D Etude House did a great job again. Thanks for commenting:)

  • Lenie Dingemanse 2. June 2013 at 0:05

    Woaaah <33 I love your review of it! thinking of going to buy this too ^^

    how about following each other?

    greetz, lenie

    • Fräulein Schnee 2. June 2013 at 0:12

      Thank you for commenting! :D I’m following your blog now :)

  • ☆*:.。.With ❤ Tiffany.:*☆ 2. June 2013 at 5:51

    Congrats on hitting 50 followers! This looks like a pretty cool product, I’ve never seen baking powder cleansers before. But I guess that’s why they say baking powder is good for beauty uses too :D

    • Fräulein Schnee 2. June 2013 at 14:12

      Thank you!:D
      I already tried to baking powder products and both were really nice :)

  • Tshering Yangzom 3. June 2013 at 9:29

    This is cool! Hearing about baking soda products for the first time!
    Cute blog dearie! Thnks so much for dropping by my blog! Follow each other via gfc??
    TiTi’s Corner!

    • Fräulein Schnee 3. June 2013 at 10:15

      Thank you! I followed you on GFC and bloglovin’ :D Thanks for dropping by, too :D