Review: Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program Part 1

5. June 2015

If I’m buying cosmetics I’m usually on the hunt for budget cosmetic finds. I’m not a person longing for luxury cosmetic brands, because in my experience the cheaper ones do a good job, too. When I received the May BNT Beauty Box there was one item which looked like a high-end brand to me from first glance: the Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program. This anti-wrinkle kit is a skincare program designed for 28 days of use in order to boost your skin with Jeju horse oil and EGF for a timeless and younger looking skin. This is probably the most expensive cosmetic product I have tried in my life so far! In this post I will show you the content of this kit and include my first impression. I didn’t use it for the full 28 days yet, so I will be making a second review part for this product, where I will take a closer look at the ingredients and show you some before and after pictures (if there is any difference). First, let’s take a breath and look at this amazing and elegant packaging:

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

Coréana is quite a well known Korean company with the motto “art through nature”. It has quite a variety of brands, like Senite or Biodefense and many more. Sho is one brand of Coréana using horse oil as key ingredient. Horse oil or “Mayu” has been very popular in Korea in the last months, esecially during winter, because of its deeply moisturizing properties. The Sho EGFactor line combines the horse oil with EGF in order to have even more anti-aging properties. This Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program contains two items: an ampoule and eyecream.

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

The items are packed in a beautiful box, in golden  and brown colors. It is a hologram on the box, so you see if it is an original product or a fake. The logo of Sho shows a horse and reflects the key ingredient. You can flip open the lip and you will find the logo with the horse inside aswell. the inside of the box has a golden color, too.

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

You can already tell from the packaging that this is a more expensive product. The is even a transparent paper with golden imprints to separate the lid of the box from the products.

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

Finally, you’ll find the ampoules and the eye creams inside. There are two seringe shaped eyecream containers and 28 small vials with the ampoule. To be honest, I thought there would be one eye creeam container and I was totally surprised to see the two seringes inside the box.

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

Even for the products the colors are in brown and golden. The eyecreams even have some beautiful golden embroided ornaments and really look pretty.

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

Ususally, the eyecreams I have used were either packed in a regular tube, or a jar. I have never seen an eyecream packaging like this.

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

You can twist one end of the seringe to open or close it and by pressing on that end you can push out some eyecream from the tube.

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

The material is plastic, but it seems good quality plastic, too. If you press down the bottom you’ll get a nice dollop of the eyecream, which is more than enough for the eyes. The eyecream is a creamtype one, which is supposed to treat and brighten the eye area through a soft, easily absorbed texture that suits even sensitive eyes. The eyecream has a light floral scent and absorbs quite quickly. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. Each of the eyecream seringes contains 10 ml of eye cream.

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

The ampoules contain 2 ml and each ampoule is designed for one use. The 2 ml seem small but it is more than enough for the face AND the neck. The ampoule is designed to prevent the skin from dryness while preserving oil-moisture balance. In order to open these small vials you have to push aside the golden cap. I found it quite difficult to open so far, but maybe I’ll get the hang of it :’D

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

The consitency of the ampoule is not oil-like, but rather like a gel-type emulsion. It has a clear, light golden color. It is a bit sticky and takes quite some time to absorb, but it isn’t greasy at all. The scent is the same floral scent as the eye cream has.

Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program

As I said at the beginning: I didn’t use the Coréana Sho EGFactor 28 Days Timeless Program for many days, so I cannot tell you any details about how effective it is yet. So far I didn’t react negatively and I’m really curious if there is any difference after the 28 days of use :D As for the packaging and the overall design, this kit is definitively eyecandy! I hope this first impression made you curious to read my second part of this review in a couple of weeks. I will include the ingredients and give a final verdict for this product then. What is your first impression on this anti-aging kit? It may be a pretty present for next mother’s day, do you agree?

This product was provided to me by BNTnews for reviewing. Don’t forget to visit the other BNTGirls Doris, Celine, Alene and Bella and check out their reviews. And visit BNTnews for the latest Korean news and trends:

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Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Reply Kine 5. June 2015 at 13:53

    Wow wow wow, that packaging is luxe! It’s really beautiful but I’m kid of crying for the environment D:. I would love to see whether this actually works! I wonder how much it costs too.
    Kine last post…Kawaii Box Unboxing and INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  • Reply miutiful 5. June 2015 at 23:56

    Wow, das sieht aber richtig fancy aus! Ich bin gespannt wie du das findest und freue mich auf die komplette Review!
    miutiful last post…Sailor Moon BlogparadeMy Profile

  • Reply Celly 6. June 2015 at 18:56

    I can’t wait to hear your 2nd review! I am currently loving mayu’s too!!!
    Celly last post…{ Beauty } Floral Make UpMy Profile

  • Reply Rebecca+B.+Bird 9. June 2015 at 6:37

    That is some crazy packaging, but I guess luxury pricing means you get a little more in that department? I can see this being very good as a gift. The presentation is pretty impressive!
    Rebecca+B.+Bird last post…Scents of summer: A wee Darling Clandestine fragrance haul (and first impressions)My Profile

  • Reply Sherry 9. December 2017 at 6:23

    thanks for info. I just for this product not yet use it, mine is 7 days not 28 days.

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