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Review: Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liner & Aqua Ink-In-Gloss

6. November 2017


Earlier this year there have been several product launches from Catrice Cosmetics that were quite appalling to me because their inspirations came from asian beauty products. I talked about the Catrice Lip Cushion before and today I will show you the Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liner and Catrice Aqua Ink-In-Gloss:

Catrice Aqua Ink

Catrice therefore called out for the term “asianification”, which means the creation of products that are inspired by the technology and ingredients used in the asian beauty industry. Some inspirations come from the very popular cushion products, but also lip tints which are super popular in Korea. I own two Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liners and a Gloss from their Aqua Ink collection, and I will share the swatches and my impression on these products with you today.

Catrice Aqua Ink

Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liner

The Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liners are lip liners with a felt-type ball-shaped applicator. These lip liners are creating a semi-permanent tint effect and are water-based according to their description. The lip liners are available in 6 shades and are vegan, too.

Catrice Aqua Ink

I have shade 050 ” Don’t Copy My Poppy” and 060 “I Feel InspiRED Today”, the two boldest shades from the collection. The Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liners come in a pencil shape in a sleek black design with adjusted colors for the cap and bottom of the pen. They feel smoother than a regular felt pen upon application, but swatch very vibrant. Once applied the color is rub proof and doesn’t budge. But if you do not fade them out right after application, they will start to bleed out while freshly applied. Once dry they do not bleed out any longer but stay at place.

Catrice Aqua Ink

The difference between the colors of the two shades is not very huge once I apply them on my lips. Below you can see the two colors applied to my lips. On the right side I applied 050 and on the left side I applied 060. The finish of the lip liner is matte and it gives a very long-lasting stain on your lips. It will fade after eating and drinking all day long, but the hint of color will still be visible on your lips.

Catrice Aqua Ink

Catrice Aqua Ink-In-Gloss

The second lip product is the Catrice Aqua Ink-In-Gloss, and as you can tell from the name already, it is a gloss which gives a semi-permanent stain to the lips. Similar to the Lip Liners this product is water-based and vegan. It comes in 4 different shades. Moreover, it has a lightweight finish and contains Glycerin and feels moist on the lips and doesn’t dry them out.

Catrice Aqua Ink

This here is the shade 020 “Jump Into The Red River”, a classic red shade again. Typically for a gloss it comes with a angled sponge applicator. Surprisingly, the swatched product is super vibrant in color and not what you expect a gloss to be. Unlike the lip liners this product doesn’t dry down matte but stays glossy and moist on the lips. Also this stain is very long-lasting and despite fading out throughout the day by drinking and eating it will still leave a hint of color on your lips.

Catrice Aqua Ink

Below you can see some pictures of the two products on my lips again. The upper one is the Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liner in shade 060. What you can see in this picture is, that this dark red shade is quite tricky upon application, because it tends to appear patchy if not applied with a lightweight hand. The second point is, that you have to be careful on the borders of your lips in order to avoid feathering. I start to use it inside out when I’m using it on my whole lips. I wouldn’t use it only to frame my lips though. The lower picture shows the Catrice Aqua Ink-In-Gloss. Apart from having a very good pigmentation for a glossy product this gloss might accentuate dry areas of your lips. For a best result it would be important to exfoliate your lips before applying (which is generally a good rule to follow, and shame on me because I always end up to forget it).

Catrice Aqua Ink

The Catrice Aqua Ink lip products might not be perfect, but they are generally a very affordable and long-lasting choice. Both products have really great staining properties, but need some time to get the perfect way of applying them without patches or feathering…but, once you know how to deal with these minor points they are a great choice for every day, especially if you are not the type of person who runs to the toilet to reapply lipstick every 2 hours.

The Catrice Auqa Ink Lip Liner retails for 2,99€.

The Catrice Auqa Ink-In-Gloss retails for 3,49€.

Did you try any of these products?

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Catrice Aqua Ink

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  • Sooyoona 9. November 2017 at 15:54

    Die sehen alle ziemlich gut aus. Der Applikator der Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liner sieht aus wie einer von The Saem. Sehr ungewöhnlich Form :) Mir gefällt rein von der Farbe her I Feel InspiRED Today sehr gut. Ich muss einmal schauen, ob ich den bei uns auch finde :)

  • Vivian 9. November 2017 at 23:38

    Great comments! Would love to try this brand too!! @chocoviv From IG

  • Sandy 10. November 2017 at 10:57

    Hey my name is mylifemyfight_ on Instagram. I love to read your posts.