Review: Beyond Phytoganic Facial Foam

12. October 2013
Todays review is about Beyond’s Phytoganic Facial Foam. Do you know Beyond? If not: Beyond is a natural cosmetic brand and part of LG Household & Health Care and thus a korean brand. I discovered them when I saw some ultracute sheetmasks they have (and I bought the sheet masks,too, but didn’t review them until know >_<”’).

Facial Foam means nothing else than a cleanser. I was a bit confused first, especially because you find only few information in english. So what is “phytoganic”? I’m not an expert, but the term phytogAnic is not something I know. On the other hand there is the term phytogEnic or Phytogenics, which means derrived from plants. I guess it simply means, that the ingredients they use for this cleanser are mainly derrived from plants and herbs (if anybody has more information about this, pls comment :D )

The description is taken from
(I hope the translation is correct :D)
Refreshing, rich, dense foam cleanser which eliminates skin impurities. Natural ingredients and natural herbs to reduce irritation of the skin and clear mind and body.  
Dermatologically Tested
No Chemical Preservatives
No Chemical Colorants
Against Animal Testing
Eco Beauty Lab
Recyclable packaging
Ingredients: Water, green tea extract *, Lau Rick acid, pre-Stick acid, disodium coco cancer Podium acetate, potassium hydroxide, Coca Polyimide di yieyi, Butylene Glycol, Lavender Flower Extract *, basil flower / leaf extract *, marshmallow root Extract *, H. cordata Extract *, Chamomile Flower Extract *, Rosemary Leaf Extract *, Fennel Extract *, apple water, glycerin, potassium chloride, panthenol, magnolia bark extract, white willow bark extract, wanggyul extracts, propolis extract, one hundred kinds of KEVIN extract, chamomile flower / leaf extract, sodium tetra two dt A, mugwort extract, olive oil, Meadow foam seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, geranium oil *, lavender oil *, rosemary leaf oil *, Fragrance (* certified organic ingredients)












If you open the tube the first thing to recognize is the really refreshing herbal scent. If you don’t like herbal scents, you’ll probably not like it. The product inside the tube is a clear gel which can be lethered to foam with water. In the picture above I just used a tiny bit of water, but if you really wash your face you can get the foam described in the product description above. It does a good job in cleaning, too. At the moment I use the lighter Chocolate Latte Foam Cleanser from Missha (>>here<<) in the morning and this one in the evening. Somehow I can keep telling myself that it reduces the daily stress…^_^”’

If you are a fan of natural products you should try Beyond’s Phytoganic Facial Foam (the one I bought is a travel size tube) or have a look at the other products by Beyond. I have nothing bad to say about this cleanser, since it does a good job. The tiny tube contains 30 ml and does only cost 1600 Won (around US$ 1.6) at– it’s super cheap, so it is worth a try.


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  • Reply 美美 13. October 2013 at 16:11

    I really haven’t heard of phytoganic before too, maybe they just made a typo or something xD I think I need to pass on this due the herbal scent :c But this product is hella cheap and seems to be good for people who like the scent hehe~ Thanks for your review :D I need to get myself that Missha chocolate cleanser, the scent is awesome *u*

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 14. October 2013 at 13:00

      I thought about a typo, too…but on all the products from that line?! This would be strange :D I’m not a fan of herbal scents normally, but this one has some kind of scent I like. It reminds me a bit of christmas spices…I don’t know why XD But the chocolate cleanser has a great scent, too *_*

  • Reply Joyce 14. October 2013 at 5:19

    I have not heard about this brand before. I think it’s a nice one. thanks for the review :D

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 14. October 2013 at 13:01

      Thanks! I think Beyond has really some nice products. I have some products left to review, too :)

  • Reply Teddy P 23. February 2014 at 18:22

    Thank for your review :). But I can’t see the product’s cost on the website :( How did you find it ?

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