The Jolly Blogger Award

Christmas is only a couple of days ahead, and, matching to the season I’ve been nominated by KimKine for the Jolly Blogger Award!

The Jolly Blogger Award

Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Usually on Christmas Day :) But it changes from year to year.

Favorite Christmas song?

I like the Christmas songs from Frank Sinatra, especially the classic “White Christmas” song of him.

Favorite Holiday movie?

Haha, I’m always getting into Christmas mood if I see “Home Alone” in TV…It may be not my favourite holiday movie, but it is the most Christmas-y…And I love watching “Nightmare before Christmas” when the holidays aproach :)

The Jolly Blogger Award

Favorite Christmas decoration?

Light chains…I love how everything looks so bright with all these lights on Christmas.

Favorite Christmas food?

I’m a huge fan of roast chicken and wild pork! I like to cook by myself, too, and I enjoy it everytime :D

Favorite holiday/winter drink?

Hot Chocolate *_*

The Jolly Blogger Award

Snow or no snow?

I like snow as long as I’m inside my warm home. It is nice to look at and the nights seem less dark. The place in Germany where I live is usually more rainy than snowy, and if we have some snow it will turn into a muddy mess after 1 or two days :/

Do you send out cards or no cards?

I forget it most of the times, but I try to do better this year…luckily this reminded me of sending some..:D

Do you secretly still believe in Santa Claus?

I have to cite KimKine here “Believing in the generosity and love of your friends and family is much better!” That’s definitively how people should think about Christmas time and the purpose of this holiday.

The Jolly Blogger Award

Your favourite winter clothing item?

The most important are definitively skarfs, but I usually don’t leave without wearing a cap or other head piece :D I received a fox beanie from a dear friend and you can see me wearing it above ♥…My nose appears  red in the picture, like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer…~_~

One beauty product you cannot be without this winter?

Most important is hand cream! My hands get so dry, especially if I dont wear gloves.

Best Christmas memory?

I don’t have any specific Christmas memory because it was always kind of special. I love that you get to spend time with your family so it is always a good memory.

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