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Dresslink Wishlist

25. June 2016

I love discovering new online shops for clothes and accessories! In the past I did a couple of orders with taobao, which was always a bit complicated because you had to work with Google Translate and an agent for shipping. Recently more and more online stores are available that have much of the similar items as you would find on taobao. One of my recent discoveries is Dresslink. I made a little wishlist of a few items I would like to try from this store:

Dresslink Wishlist

Currently, I’m looking for a backpack. I have so many things to carry around that I don’t want to put all the stress on one shoulder. I found this backpack which can be used as shoulder bag, too! Sounds perfect for me!

Dresslink Wishlist

I’m also on the hunt for some summer maxi dresses. The good thing about maxi dresses are that they are flattering for short people and they can be worn at work (at least for my work :D)…also they remind me at beach holidays.

Dresslink Wishlist

Dresslink has also some beauty products like makeup and brushes etc. The eyeshadow palette above is super adorable. I love the design and the color selection of the eyeshadows. Last but not leat I found some pretty headbands like the one below. It looks really pretty in combination with the hair up-do of the model.

Dresslink Wishlist

What do you think about the products? Do you have a current shopping list, too?
You can get the products here:
Convertable Backpack for 6.76 US$
There were many more interesting products available on Dresslink.
Here are some discount coupon codes you can use:
DLblog5 = Get $5 off on once purchases of $59
DLblog10 = Get $10 off on once purchases of $99
If you think about buying clothes there keep in mind to check the sizes. As with most asian retailers they tend to be smaller sometimes.


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  • misslovelyattitude 27. June 2016 at 8:55

    oh was für eine tolle wishlist :)

    • Frl. Schnee 1. July 2016 at 8:10

      Danke…Ich muss diesen Rucksack haben!