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I’m a sucker for cute stationary and accessories and I’ve always been! One of the first online stores I got to know a couple of years ago was Blippo. I got some of their items from them for reviewing and I decided to show you what they send me and give you an introduction into their online store.


Blippo is a very easy to navigate site. They offer stuff from Japan like Magazines and Candy and Snacks, but also a lot of stationary items and character items from Hello Kitty, San-X (like Rillakkuma, Sentimental circus, Gloomy Bear…), and Ghibli. they have also some fashion items, like bags and purses and cute accessories. Blippo offers free shipping which is really great in my eyes :D

I’ll show you the items, which I received from them ^_^ they’re really, really cute and I fell in love in an instant ♥ (You can click on the images to enlarge them ;) )


The first item is a pencil holder from Rilakkuma. It has different motifs on each of the four sides of the box and is divided into three parts in the inner. My favourite image is the one with Rilakkuma dressed as Parisian with some baguettes in his arms XD  It is 10 x 10 x 8 cm and you can buy it here:


The second item is a super cute Kiiroitori mini plush ♥ It is around 9 cm in height and has a short chain to put it at your key-chain if you like. I love little chicks, they are so cute and this one is no exception :D You can get it here (this item is on sale at the moment*_*):


The last item is a Rilakkuma contact lens case. This is my second Rilakkuma contact lens case. I bought another one a year ago and it is one of my dearest objects *_* This one is super cute as well ♥ It has Rilakkuma’s head on one side and Korilakkuma’s head on the other. There is a second model of this lens where you have Korilakkuma’s and Kiiroitori’s heads. You can buy this one here:

The other model is available here:

Do you know Blippo or do you own some of the items I own? Tell me what you think about them ^_^

That’s it for this time, hope you enjoyed this post ♥

26 thoughts on “ – cute stuff from Japan ♥sponsored♥”

  1. I’ll have to check it out. Long before I was into Korean and Japanese cosmetics, I had so much kawaii stationary. >.> Even through university all my pens were the cutest. I have an addiction.

    1. Ja, das Kücken ist echt super niedlich, ich bin auch verliebt *_*

      Und mit den Geburtstagswünschen: hab ich doch gerne gemacht ;) ♥ Ich bin immer noch ganz neidisch auf deinen Geburtstagskuchen :D

  2. Wow they are all so cute! I especially love the rilakkuma lens case, I couldn’t help but squeal after seeing it. Haha! I’ll definitely check this shop out. Thanks for the introduction, Schnee! (:

  3. Ohhh that is so cute!!! the only think that stops me from cute japan things is that I woudn’t really know what to do with them (I wish I was 13 gain though!)…..

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