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Review: Shiseido Integrate Suite Trick Eyes

13. October 2014

As you know, I’m not only a lover of Korean beauty products, but also of Japanese ones. I have the feeling that reviews on Japanese beauty products are rarer in the beauty blogger community, maybe because it is harder to obtain them. I received some more Japanese products lately from a shop called LunaTu, a new online boutique providing genuine Korean and Japanese cosmetics and based in UK – which means fast shipping within Europe! One of the items I received from them is the Shiseido Integrate Suite Trick Eyes, a small three colored eyeshadow palette, available in different colors.

Shiseido Integrate Suite Trick Eyes

Shiseido is one of the most famous high end brands in the world. I think everybody knows the brand in some way. In Japan, Shiseido has a lot of sub branches. One of these sub branches is Shiseido Integrate. The Shiseido Integrate Suite Trick Eyes palette is available in five different colors. Moreover two limited edition color ranges were available. The eyeshadow palette I’ll show here is BR 314, a milkcoffee brown shaded set of three colors. The palette comes in a outer clear plastic packaging, like most of Japanese products. The packaging contains the description of the product, but it is written in Japanese only. The backside description also shows a picture of how to apply the three colors together on your eyelid. This is helpful for beginners, so they know how to combine the three colors.

Shiseido Integrate Suite Trick Eyes

The palette itself is really beautiful and designed in such a cute way: The lid has a golden color with a clear plastic window showing the eyeshadows. The lid is decorated by the words “Let your sweet eyes do the talking”. The material is sturdy plastic.

Shiseido Integrate Suite Trick Eyes

The three eyeshadow colors of the palette have different forms. The eyeshadow placed in the middle is shaped like a heart, whereas the left eyeshadow has the shape of a clover and the right eyeshadow is supposed to be a rose (or a whirly thingy XD). If you open the lid you see that the palette comes with an applicator with two sides. The backside of the lid contains a small mirror, so you can apply the eyeshadow “on-the-go” ;)

Shiseido Integrate Suite Trick Eyes

The three eyeshadows all have shimmery particles, but the two lighter shades have more shimmer particles than the dark brown shade. Below you see a quick swatch on my fingertips. The eyeshadows have a smooth consistency and are easy to apply and to blend in.

Shiseido Integrate Suite Trick Eyes

The colors of this eyeshadow palette are light and very natural. You cannot create a bold look with these because the pigmentation is not too strong- probably it is also not designed top be strong to keep a natural look. Using primer before you can make the colors appear more vivid, but still natural. I chose this palette because of the color. I have palettes with golden brwon shades, but nothing in this milkcoffee brown range. It looks really discrete and although the eyeshadows contain shimmer it doesn’t look girly or overdone. Below you see the swatches on my arm with and without primer and how it looks applied on my eyelids. It is suitable for everyday look in my eyes.

Shiseido Integrate Suite Trick Eyes

I also tried to rubb the eyeshadows away and it was easier for the lighter colors, especially without primer. But the dark brown color has a good staying power.  Even after rubbing the swatches it was clearly visible and didn’t smudge. The price for this three-color palette and considering the brand and the quality of the is suitable and costs 12.50 £ on LunaTu. They also ship internationally, but especially people living in Europe might want to check out the shop because the shipping arrives fast. One point I didn’t like about the palette is the applicator. The material of the sponge is quite hard. Maybe there are people preferring this kind of material, but I do not use the applicator, but instead use my own eyeshadow brushes.



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