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  • Hanse-Klunker Fashion Bracelet

    // PR SAMPLE / FASHION // In Germany, especially in the north, many fashion brands are inspired by marine motifs and sea travel. A while ago I talked about a brand called Hanse-Klunker and their bracelets…

    24. September 2017
  • Sunglasses from GlassesShop Eyeglasses

    // PR SAMPLE/ ACCESSOIRES / FASHION // In summer my favorite accessory are sunglasses. They are useful for your eyes and they come in so many colors and shapes and can definitely complete an…

    11. June 2017
  • Lord Timepieces Watch

    I’ve been looking for a black watch for quite some time now and I was never sure on which to decide. Recently, I was lucky to be contacted by Lord Tiempieces, a retailer for…

    5. February 2017
  • Hanse-Klunker Bracelet

    Nautical motifs have always played an important role in fashion and design, and latley it seems that even many accessories are taking up the topic for their jewelry. Especially in Germany many new brands launched…

    13. January 2017
  • Leaf Style Bangle from Bug Bee Boom

    I love jewellery, and I do have quite a bit of accessories, although I do not wear it on a daily basis. Mainly because I forget in the early morning and also because it…

    26. October 2016
  • Giveaway: Bali Clicks Miffy Key Chain

    You know I’m a sucker for kawaii stuff and since I know that you are, too, I prepared a quick giveaway for you in collaboration with Bali Clicks. Do you know Miffy? It’s the…

    4. August 2016