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  • Review: Soufeel Jewelry

    Charm bracelets have gained a lot of popularity in the last years and almost everyone has either heard from or owns products from brands like Pandora or Chamilia. Soufeel Jewelry is similar to the…

    22. July 2015
  • Earrings from NeverLoseHopeStandUp Etsy Shop

    I browse through Etsy once in a while and I’m always amazed by the cute and unique stuff you can find there. Lately, Suley, the owner of the Etsy Shop “NeverLoseHopeStandUp“ contacted me and…

    2. April 2015
  • Daniel Wellington Classy Bristol Watch

    Honestly, the last time I was wearing a watch was before I had my first mobile phone. Remember those oldschool Nokia mobiles? Without internet! Almost unbeliveable today…The moment I had my first mobile phone…

    4. March 2015