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I’m very excited to review Solone’s Alice In Wonderland Collection Perfect Drawing Eye Liner today. ♥ Everybody loving Alice In Wonderland and any related product to this beautiful story: Be prepared! After seeing these pictures, you’ll wish to own the whole collection, just to have it and to look at the beautiful illustrations by the artist Stanley Dai over and over again.

Solone is a Taiwanese brand for make up and beauty. The name consists of three elements: So Colorful, Love and New Age. In collaboration with the artist Stanley Dai they created a collection dedicted to the world of Alice In Wonderland. This collection contains the Perfect Drawing Eye Liner, the Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil, the Role Switching Liquid Eyeliner and the Rose Covering Makeup Remover Pencil. The promotional pictures below belong to Solone and were edited by myself. You can click on the to enlarge :)

I’m reviewing Solone Alice In Wonderland Collection Perfect Drawing Eye Liner No.2, a black colored Eyeliner with shimmering particles. There are 4 shades available, two of them containing shimmering particles and the remaining two don’t.
The properties of the product are described as followed:
– Glamorous eyeliner design. Built-in Swarovski crystal, presenting a shining glamour and elegant eyeliner.
– Easy to apply, smooth and good color texture.
– 10 sec speedy dry, new water-proof and skin-oil resistant formula.
– Provided with a sharpener.

Below you’ll find the product description by Solone:

The packaging is beautiful and really want me to buy all the other products as well ♥ *_* The products description of the packaging is in Taiwanese, unfortunately. But there are little drawings inside, showing how to applicate the eye liner. You can enlarge the images by clicking on them.
The pen is black and has the brand name written on in curvy, pink letters. The cap is from plastic and has the built-in Swarovski crystal on the top.
You can sharpen the tip of the pencil and a pink sharpener is included with this product, too. The color of this eyeliner is black with a bit of shimmer. It’s not too much of shimmering, which I prefer. The eyeliner is rubbing proof and waterproof to a certain extend. If you combine rubbing with water the eyeliner will disappear.
Would I repurchase this eyeliner pencil? Yes and no. Yes, because I love the packaging, but now I already have it. No, because I’d like to try out the liquid eyeliner. I like this eyeliner pencil, but I love liquid and gel liner more. If you are a fan of pencil eyeliner I’d recommend you to try this. It is rubbing and water proof if you don’t overdo it and has a beautiful packaging.
You can get Solone Alice in Wonderland Collection from Beauty Chamber. At the moment there is a back to school promotion with 10% off the entire order. It doesn’t list all the products which are available, so if you are looking for something special like this, write an Email to Amber, the shop owner, and she’ll give you a quote. She is very nice and answers fast to your emails. She has a blog at Check out the facebook page, too:


Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by, which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.
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24 thoughts on “Review: Solone Alice In Wonderland Collection Perfect Drawing Eye Liner ♥sponsored♥”

  1. aw I really like the packaging *-* It looks so nice! The brand name is really creative in my opinion and I love the collection name too haha I generally really like asians cosmetic products because they usually really smudge proof :3 Thanks for this review! <3 :)


  2. Hi,

    thanks for the review, I would like to try them. I went to the website you mentioned, they are charging relatively quite expensive, I found another website which is from Singapore which cost only SGD14.90 and they throw in free shipping when you order 2 or more products. they are way cheaper than Amber.
    this is the link to what I mentioned,

    Solone Lover

  3. How do u sharpen then? I bought 1 n it did jot dharpen at all instead the black park beside it, not part of the pencil, came off n now my new eyeliner looks old n very ugly. Pls tell me!!!

  4. How do u sharpen then? I bought 1 n it did jot dharpen at all instead the black park beside it, not part of the pencil, came off n now my new eyeliner looks old n very ugly. Pls tell me!!!

    1. Yes i used the provided sharpener but it does not work for me,my pencil did not get sharpen but the side of my eyeliner got sharpened instead,did it happen to u too? Like the side of the pencil(idk how to explain thia part) came off? It’s plastic if i’m not wrong

    2. I just tried it again to confirm, but nothing like this happens to me, it just shapens the whole pencil (the plastic and the tip together) without getting broken. Perhaps you didn’t put the pencil it deeply enough into the sharpener? It is normal that the plastic part of the pen also comes off together with the sharpening, if this is what you were afraid of?

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