Review: Mitomo DayLight& Mi 109 Herb Mask Sheet Lithospermi Radix ♥sponsored♥

I have so many sheet masks to review, I don’t dare buy anything new until I’m done, haha. Better I start of with one of the reviews. Here is a Japanese mask from the company Mitomo called DayLight& Mi 109 Herb Mask Sheet containing Lithospermi Radix. I received this mask from BeautyChamber. Thanks again!

Mitomo is a Japanese company selling a lot of different sheet masks, but also other skin care products. They have a official site at This sheet mask I will review is one of their Herb Sheet Masks containing Lithospermi Radix. Lithospermi Radix is used in Chinese and Japanese Traditional Medicine because of its anti-inflammatory properties. There is a short description on Lithospermi Radix on the front of the sheet mask packaging, which is in english, too!

I must say, the scent of this mask was not pleasant to me…I was really reluctant to put it on my face at all, but finally I did, and then after a while I didn’t smell the scent anymore-luckily. The mask sheet was soaked nicely with the clear essence. It was not dripping or anything. Unfortunately, unfolding was a bit difficult, because there was no plastic sheet attached or similar. Nevertheless it didn’t tear appart. After I removed the mask and the remaining essence was absorbed my skin stayed sticky.
sorry, for my chipped nails >_<
By the way, except of feeling moisturized I didn’t feel anything special about this mask, unfortunately…
Since it is okay in this point and has a terrible scent on the other hand I would not repurchase it personally. But perhaps someone had made other experiences with this product? Please feel free to comment :)

You can get this mask from BeautyChamber. I don’t know how much this mask costs, because it is not listed on the online store, but you can ask for a quote. Check out the facebook page of BeautyChamber, too:


Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by, which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Mitomo DayLight& Mi 109 Herb Mask Sheet Lithospermi Radix ♥sponsored♥”

  1. Thanks for the review :) I don’t mind strong scents but strong and unpleasantly scented things rarely get anywhere near my face :p at least you got a bit of moisture from it, not a complete disappointment ^^

  2. Thanks for the review :3 I wouldn’t probably use a mask with that scent, I’m just so picky with the scent :o But at least it was moisturizing and didn’t break you out :3

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