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  • Review: Dueba Crystal.i Blue Circle Lenses

    // PR SAMPLE / FASHION / BEAUTY // My last circle lens review has been ages ago, but here it is finally! A pair of lenses was send to me kindly by Lensvillage, the Dueba…

    19. February 2015
  • Review: Dream Eye Black Snowflake Contact Lenses

    I reviewed Dream Eye circle lenses/coloured lenses by SpookyEyes a while ago already and here is the third pair I received for reviewing.  It is called Dream Eye Black Snowflake Contact Lenses. It is mainly the name which made me curious to…

    25. June 2014
  • Review: Dream Eye Hazel Iris Circle Contact Lenses

    You remember the Dream Eye circle lenses/coloured lenses by SpookyEyes I received and reviewed a while ago? Here is another pair called Dream Eye Hazel Iris Circle Lenses. You can find my previous review on the Brown Star Glow…

    7. June 2014
  • Review: Dueba Crystal.i Grey Circle Lenses

    It’s been a long time since my last circle lens review, but today I’ll show you another pair of lenses, Dueba Crystal.i Grey, which were send to be by Lensvillage. If you’d like to…

    9. May 2014
  • Review: The Dolly Eye Circle S-9 Series ♥sponsored♥

    I received a pair of contact lenses during the holidays from The Dolly Eye, an online store selling circle lenses, hair pieces, cosmetics and accesoires. The lenses name is “The Dolly Eye S-9 Series”…

    16. January 2014
  • Review: Geo Eyescream Rayray Gray XMU-A15 ♥sponsored♥

    This is a review of Geo Eyescream Rayray Gray XMU-A15, a gray/brownish circle lens kindly sponsored by Grey lenses are something I’ve been curious to try for a long time, since I’ve always…

    9. October 2013