Graveyard: July and August Empties

I wanted to share with you the products I’ve been using up each month and here is my picture for July and August. I didn’t have enough time to post a picture before my vacation, so I’ll put the two months together. Also, I cleaned up my make-up bag and I found some stuff which was still inside it, although it’s already used up :D

Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze: Repurchase? Yes, I did repurchase the same again.
Nivea Tinted Moisturizer: Repurchase? No.
My Scheming 7-Days Whitening Mask Set : Repurchase? No, although there were some nice masks in this pack and the package is adorable, too. But there are so many masks I still want to try…
Innisfree Capsule Recipe Mask Tea Tree and Jejubija: Repurchase? Yes, but another type of these perhaps.
Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Seaweed Pack: Repurchase? Yes! This one was really great :) And I love Peel-off masks.
p2 Beauty Insider Liquid Eyeliner: Repurchase? At the moment I have enough eyeliner, but in general yes. It is cheap and pigmented.
Maybelinne Eyestudio Lasting Gel Eyeliner: Repurchase? No, it dried out much to fast :(
Astor Perfect Stay Lip Tint and Balm: Repurchase? I would, but I think they discontinued this product.
Rimmel Black Eyeshadow: Repurchase? At the moment not, but in general it was a good product.
Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel: Repurchase? Yes, this one was really great. I loved the scent and it was providing so much foam…a pity it was only a small size.
Astor Quick&Go: Repurchase? I loved this nail polish and the color, but it’s not available anymore and I don’t remember the name :(
The Bodyshop Shea Shower Cream: Repurchase? Yes, I loved the scent.

That’s it for this time :)

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2 thoughts on “Graveyard: July and August Empties”

  1. I really like that shea shower wash too! I’ve bought a couple of those My Scheming 7-day sets, and the sad truth is that I’m usually interested in something like 5 of the 7 masks, and the other two end up lingering in a drawer for a long time, haha. So maybe it’s better just to get the separate varieties. Though the boxes they come in are cute and super-handy: I use them to store index cards!

    1. I bought the set because at that time I only used aloe sheet masks before and I didn’t know anything other. This was really a great box to try different thing! The box is really cute and influenced me to buy it probably, too xD

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